NOTD: Skinfood Purple Stone

June 09, 2012

This weekend I couldn't decide what nail polish to use, because I had so many new additions, but I finally wend with the Skinfood Purple Stone I just got in the mail few days ago.
Purple Stone is a dark shimmery purple with some blue and red shimmer, and it's just spectacular in the sun light.

I took these pictures one day after applying it, after some dish washing, so the edges are a bit worn off and it shows, but I think that's just something you can't prevent with such a dark color.
Overall this color is pretty and I really love how it looks in the sun light. 
I think a clear top coat is a must in this case because it brings out the colors and it looks great with it.

I don't know why it is that everything I cut my nails short, I have the urge to apply a dark color, but that's just the way t is - and Purple Stone did a great job for me this time :)

Skinfood Purple Stone

Skinfood Purple Stone

Skinfood Purple Stone
In shade

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