Penelope Luz Yoga

November 19, 2014

Hello everyone! In today's post I'm going to share with you another gorgeous glitter bomb from Penelope Luz. If you are familiar with this indie nail polish brand, then you might have noticed that their glitter nail polish is very unique and interesting, and this beautiful purple glitter mixture called Yoga is no exception, and a great favorite of mine!

PUPA Snow Queen Christmas 2014 Collection Preview

November 17, 2014

PUPA are releasing a new makeup collection for the upcoming holidays, and I'm super excited about this one! The Snow Queen collection looks simply gorgeous and there are already a few products that I got me eyes on. I just hope that it will arrive to us soon to enjoy of these beautiful colors in the upcoming winter season. 
I've gathered some photos and product info from PUPA's site to share it with you in the post below. Hope you'll enjoy it!

OPI Viking In A Vinter Vonderland

November 12, 2014

I'm really loving dark purple cremes, and when I saw this one from OPI's Nordic Collection for Fall 2014, I had to have it. I decided to get only two colors from this collection, and this one was my favorite. I just can't resist a good purple, so if you're all about that purple. better check this one out! 

Lancome Grandiose Review

November 9, 2014

The new Grandiose Mascara by Lancome has just landed on my desk less than two weeks ago, and instantly won over all of my favorite mascaras ever. Not only that this superb mascara gives my lashes an impressive look, but it's luxurious enough to be used as a decorative piece on my makeup stand. Is the new Grandiose mascara worth the hype? I would definitely say yes! Keep reading to find out why.

המסקרה החדשה של לנקום - Grandiose, הגיעה אלי לפני פחות משבועיים וכבר הספיקה לחולל מהפך בתיק האיפור שלי. כל המסקרות הטובות והאהובות נזנחו לטובת המסקרה החדשנית של לנקום שלא רק מעניקה לריסים שלי מראה מרשים אלא גם מקשטת את שידת האיפור שלי כתכשיט יוקרתי. האם מסקרת ה-Grandiose החדשה של לנקום באמת מצדיקה את כל ההתלהבות סביבה? אם תשאלו אותי, הייתי אומרת שכן! המשיכו לקרוא כדי לגלות מדוע.

Penelope Luz Luxury & Cirque Knickerbocker

November 8, 2014

Happy Saturday ladies! For today's post I have a luxurious nail polish combo that I think is perfect for this season! If you are into these dark fall cremes and you still want to have that extra sparkle at your fingertips, I think this combo might be right up your alley.