NOTD: Sally Hansen HD Byte over GADE Caprice

August 22, 2012

Today's NOTD is yet another combination of a creamy base with shimmery top coat.
I used GADE Caprice (a gorgeous red with a bit of a pink tint) as a base coat, and Sally Hansen HD Byte which is some kind of shimmer combined with glass flakes. The main color is obviously pink but it has a purple / blue shimmer to it, and just try putting it over black - you will be amazed how gorgeous it is!

Byte is really sheer on it's own and it will take more than 4 layers in my opinion to get it opaque, so my best suggestion is to use it over similar color you have. I have tried it over GADE Fascination  and the color that I got in the end was pretty the same as Byte in it's bottle.

So I tried it over this red and it turned out pretty nice. I can't get used to the long nails though, this is as long as I can get with it. It's funny because for years my nails were much longer and I was ok with it, but not it actually bothers me and I always want to cut them shorter. Don't really know why, but I guess it's because I just love the shorter nails on others. :)

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  1. Love this combo! I haven't picked this shade up from the HD collection, but I'm really loving their duochromes!

    1. Thank you! Byte is my favorite from the HD collection!

  2. your nails are beautiful! I wish mine were that length. :) I LOVE the HD shades, the green one is my favorite.

  3. Your nails are so pretty! I love this color! <3