Pupa Holographic Swatches - Sky Blue & Violet

September 22, 2012

Pupa's Holographics are quite new around the world and that's why I was surprised to see them in the local drugstore. Usually we get only the old collections and we're like two years behind, and the selections is pretty poor... I visit this place at least once a week and I know there are no surprises, but I was quite excited when I saw these cute little holos on the top shelf. I didn't own any Pupa's polishes in my collection by that moment, because they are so little and very pricy, but I couldn't resist a holo, could I?
I grabbed this pair, a light blue and a purple one, didn't pick any pinks because I have the Jade' Sedução Rose which is a gorgeous holo pink, but then I saw another Pupa's holos online I know I must have this one too - Strawberry so I hope to get it in time before they are out of stock.

Sky Blue is a light blue holographic. It has a pretty holo effect in the sun, but it's kind of dull in the shade. It's not as crazy as Layla's or Jade's holos but it's still nice.
The fornula was great, it was really dense and I almost could use one thick coat for a nice coverage, but I used 2 for these photos. The brush was nice, even though the bottle cap is short, the brush itself was quite long - even a bit longer than most polishes I own.
Another good thing I found about these is that they are not losing of the holo effect once I applied a top coat,what happens to most holo polishes. I waited about 20 minutes for it to dry and then applied Poshe on two wingers to see if they lose the holo effect, but they didn't so that was great news.
The bottle contains 5 ml and it was about $5 on sale, so not too expensive I guess.


Violet is kind of a violet/purple holo, really pretty and I think my favorite among these two. I really love how it looks in the sun, the holo effect gets this slightly pink/red tone in it which I like.
This one was great as well formula wise, just the same as Sky Blue.
I think I will defiantly get the Strawberry as well, even though I've promised myself to take a break from nail polish hunting :)


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