ILNP Summer 2014 Collection - Part 1

May 24, 2014

Happy Saturday ladies! Today I'll be introducing you to some gorgeous new holos from ILNP! The new ILNP Summer collection consists of 11 stunning shades; 5 new holographics, 3 new ultra chromes and 3 new holographic ultra chromes. The entire collection will be available for purchase at starting June, the holos will retail for $10 and the ultra chromes for $12.5.
In today's post I will be showing you the five new holographics along with swatches of my personal favorites from this collection.

The new holographic addition to the ILNP range is stunning! These are five bright and vibrant colors with a gorgeous holo effect. Their formula is superb, very opaque and pigmented with a quick dry time. My camera had a hard time picking up the holo effect this time, but trust me - this collection is super sparkly and the holographic effect is crazy in person!
For the photos below I used two coats of each color.

Bikini Bottoms is a wonderfully vivid magenta pink holographic polish with a delicious blue hue that is sure to please!

Purple Plasma is a lusciously saturated electric purple holographic polish that is sure to make your mouth water! Look a little closer and you’ll see how the touch of red and gold sparkle really bring this polish to life!

Summer Stargazing is a wonderfully juiced up royal blue holo that’s so electrically vibrant you’ll think it glows!

These holos are pretty much amazing, aren't they? If you are a holo addict like myself, you are going to love this collection! The colors are so bright and fun, perfect to celebrate the upcoming summer.
I really loved all of them, but my personal favorite from the entire collection must be Purple Plasma - It's such an amazing color (and you already know about my weakness for gorgeous purples) and I think it has the most impressive holographic effect out of these five colors.
Be sure to follow ILNP on Facebook and Instagram to get all the news and see more swatched of this amazing collection. Also don't forget to stop by their site when June comes, to grab your favorites at 
Be sure to stop by the blog soon for more photos and swatches of the new ILNP Summer collection!

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  1. Amazingly beautiful! My favourites are Purple Plasma, Summer Stargazing and Rehab :-)

  2. These are some amazing holographics!

  3. Gorgeous pictures of the bottles, and ofc the swatches are great as always!

  4. wow! I love that purple on you!

  5. I'm totally going to order Funshine Smoothie :D

  6. Lindos!

  7. The pink, purple and blue one look amazing :D

  8. That purple ♥ so pretty!