Apple Cinnamon Cider Inspired Nails

November 27, 2012

For this mani I used Essie Skirting The Issue as a base and applied two coats (STI is a jelly in a gorgeous deep burgundy color), then applied one coat of Orly Space Cadet and stamped with Barry M Gold Foil from the Bundle Monster BM314 plate.

Orly Space Cadet is a very interesting color, and I absolutely love how it looks in the bottle, but I was a bit disappointed when I applied it as is on the nails. It has a greenish jelly base with gold and red tiny glass flecks, but I didn't really liked how it looked by itself. I needed 3-4 generous coats to get it opaque (and I still saw the nail underneath) and the color was too greenish for me, so I thought to layer it over a burgundy color and that's when I fell in love with it! I really like how it looks combined with this color and the flecks effect is gorgeous. It came out nice and pretty close to how it looks in the bottle, so that was a success for me. :)

It was a bit hard to get this beauty on camera, and I found that the flecks looked better in the shade and you can actually see how they change their color across the nail from green to gold and to red-pink. I like how this mani came out and it looks nice on the long nails (which I was planning to cut shorter) and the colors actually reminded me of a warm winter apple cinnamon cider...

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  1. אם יום אחד אשתפר מעצלותי ואנסה להשקיע בחומות זה יהיה רק בגללך/בזכותך, מהמם ועוצר נשימה גם הלקים וגם הדוגמא.
    אם היו על ציפרני הייתי יושבת כל היום ומתבוננת בציפרני בהתפעלות

    1. תודה רבה אפרת! :)
      אני מקוה שתנסי, זה ממש כיף וממכר.
      עד לא מזמן גם אני היתי רגילה לצבע אחד בלבד, מקסימום איזה טופ נחמד, אבל חותמות הרגיש לי יותר מדי.. היום זה הבסיס חח

  2. I like it :) The combination of colors is really beautiful.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! Actually this is as long as I go.. I prefer them a bit shorter ;)

  4. Its gorgeous, I have same plate from Konad but never bothered using it. I sure am motivated nwo :)