El Corazon 421/5 Dalmatian

September 15, 2013

I thought that it would be nice to upgrade my red berry nails from the previous post with a black glitter top coat by El Corazon, to give it even more realistic berry look, and I think this polish looks great over this color!

El Corazon 421/5 Dalmatian is an Art Top Coat polish that contains tiny black matte glitter, and I'm pretty sure there's a bit of tiny gold glitter as well. They are all mixed in a clear base which makes them suitable for application over any color. 
The formula of this polish is really great, it contains a good amount of glitter which allows easy application and with a few strokes you get a full coverage of glitter over the nail.
The base of this polish is completely clear, which is great because you can layer it over any color, even over white - and get a clean look (there are polishes with a similar effect  that can look a bit "dusty" on the nail, but this one didn't).

For this look I applied one coat of El Corazon 421/5 Dalmatian over two coats of Seche Happy As Is, and topped it with one coat of Poshe.
I think this is a great polish that can upgrade any color, and it would be interesting to use it in a layering technique (such as jelly sandwich), or over pastel colors to imitate the egg birds look.

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  1. Amazing 3d look in that close up photo! Liking the glitter. And the pink!

  2. I like it! I saw a tutorial somewhere about using black glitter to create the "eggs effect", I think it was over at Lucy's Stash. You can try it and since you have the original egges collection you can show us the results :)

  3. очень удачный топ, деликатно смотрится)

  4. i love it, the glitter fits perfectly!

  5. So beautiful, your swatches are amazing as always. I love the glitter on this it looks so unique :)

  6. Love it!


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  7. It looks beautiful, this glitter and that color look amazing together! I imagine it would look beautiful over pastel colors as well!

  8. I looooove this topcoat so much! It is really fun and versatile :). But, I haven't spotted any gold in mine.

    1. It's a great top! Can you see the tiny gold bits in mine?

  9. Очень красиво получилось, мне очень Ваша форма ногтей нравится))

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  10. Love this! I really would love to also try this brand :)

  11. I don't like glitter nail polishes with big glitter particles, but this one is very, very nice and I think it would look good on many base colours! :-)

  12. I love this glitter polish. I would LOVE to get my hands on a bottle but I'm not having much luck finding it. =/