Shimmer Tricia

September 01, 2013

Today I have another polish by Shimmer Nail Polish to share with you.
This is Shimmer Tricia, a lovely mix of orange glitter, and as expected from this great indie brand, there is much more to it than plain orange.
Up close you will see a bright and colorful mix of orange, gold, and even purple with blue glitter, and if you look closely at the macro shot of this polish you will see some silver micro glitter.
This festive combination of colors mixed with a slightly orange tinted jelly base, so I decided to layer it over an orange tinted red - Barry M Passion Fruit.

For the photos below I used one coat of Shimmer Tricia over two coats of Barry M Passion Fruit, and one coat of Seche Vite.
Application of Tricia was flawless, the glitter spread like butter and with a few easy strokes I got a gorgeous glittery look. I like Shimmer nail polish for their great glitter-packed formula and easy application.
I really love how bright and fun this manicure looks, and even tho I don't usually wear orange, this fun look made me want to do this more often.
Hope you will like this look, I would love to hear what you think about this!

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  1. I love your blog
    new posts

  2. It's a gorgeous polish, and very eye-catching! I love the mix of the different glitter shapes and sizes!

  3. Beautiful photos and the polish itself!

  4. Beautiful nails and polish!
    I follow You :).