iHerb Haul - September / October

October 22, 2014

This past month I've been shopping online like crazy! I practically placed tons of orders with everything that cough my eye, mostly makeup and skincare stuff, and a little bit of nail related products and some clothes... I've been such a bad girl! I should be ashamed of myself. Instead - I decided to share my shame with you.
This iHerb haul is just a little part of the recent shopping frenzy, and I think I'll be sharing with you my recent purchase as well, so if you like haul posts stay tuned!

I've been shopping at iHerb for quite a long time, and I really love this site! iHerb offers a variety of beauty and skincare products (which are my main interest), vitamins, supplements, sport related items, foods and even stuff for your pets. There are many natural and organic products to choose from, the selection and availability of products is great and the prices are quite low. 
This site offers low cost shipping worldwide (based in the US) and the parcels arrive relatively fast (about 2 weeks to Israel), so this is very convenient. There are constantly new sales and discounts all the time, so that's good too!

This time I was stocking the site for the new Real Techniques Nic's Picks brushes set, and when it finally arrived I had to grab it along with some other goodies I had my eyes on for a while.
Here's a short summary of the items I got in my last order. Let me know if there's something you would like me to review in the blog, I would be glad to do so!

I already own a few brushes from the Real Techniques line and I really love them. I'm not (yet) one of those makeup obsessed ladies that just have to have every makeup brush in the world, but I've been wanting a good blush brush, a new eyeliner brush and another base shadow brush (which I already own and love), so this set was perfect for me! There's also an angled shadow brush and a duo-fiber powder brush which look interesting, so I think this set is very nice. 
I haven't used these yet but they feel as soft and nice as the other Real Techniques brushes I own. I will probably do a full review of this set anytime soon, since it's a new product and I'm very curious to see how they perform. 

Another Real Techniques item I've been wanting to try is their dupe for the Beauty Blender. Many have been raving about this one, and to be honest I was just curious to try it. I don't usually use a sponge for my makeup application, but this isn't 'just' a sponge. I love that it has different shaped angles to reach different places in your face, it seems rather comfortable and easy to use. Let me know if you'd like me to review this one for you too!

I own a few makeup brushes from EcoTools and I think they are quite good, they're very soft and high quality. I decided to get this retractable brush to keep in my makeup bag for powder retouch on the go. I usually keep a small kabuki brush in my makeup bag, but this option sounds a bit more comfortable and clean / hygienic. I wasn't sure about it's size but I decided to get it anyway, and it seems rather larger than I expected. It takes a lot of space in the makeup bag, but on the other hand - I could just keep outside of the makeup bag since it has it's own storage / cap which will keep it clean.

I got another tiny brush from ELF, and actually I'm planning to re-purpose it as a nail polish cleanup brush. I had this brush before and I really loved using it to clean around the cuticles. It's a great little brush, has a flat rounded end and it's quite dense, one of the best cleanup brushes I've tried.
Never even tried to use it as a concealer brush, but if you did and you think it's good stuff, let me know.

I've seen this powder in many beauty blogs and makeup tutorials, I don't know if people were really 'raving' about it, but it sure seemed like this is a very good product for a low cost, so I thought why not give it a try. I haven't used it a lot yet, but I was actually pretty impressed! It seem to hold nicely and left a natural matte effect which I liked. The plastic jar itself wasn't as comfortable to use, I find the large plastic jar bit clumsy and sometimes the lid won't close right away which is irritating. I thinking maybe I should find a better storage for this nice powder.

So this was my haul. Let me know if there's anything that caught your eye and you would like to know more about. You know I'm always glad to make these pic heavy reviews! ;)
If there are thing that you've tried and liked and think I should check on iHerb, let me know, I'm always up for trying new things.

If you are new to iHerb.com you can get %10 off your first purchase over $40 when you use this code JCG437 or shop by clicking this link. Happy shopping!

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  1. Love seeing what you hauled recently. Some nice beauty stuff.

  2. Great items! Have a successful day dear!

  3. I also ordered the same real techniques brushes and sponge and they are great! I especially like the cheek brush.
    I also love this powder though I don't use it as much as I used to because now I'm using a MAC powder that I really like :-)
    On my next iherb haul I think I should try the clean up brush

  4. Fantastic Haul! I want those brushes so bad!

  5. You chose some good stuff there! have fun :)