ILNP Fall 2014 - Bishop (H), Masquerade (H) & Peace (H)

October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween everyone! For today I have swatches of three stunning ultra chromes with a beautiful holographic sparkle from ILNP Fall 2014 collection. These three are just a fraction of the collection, featuring 11 mesmerizing shades which I've shared with you here and here.
These are way to gorgeous to translate to photos, but let's get a closer look at these beauties, shall we?
L-R we have Bishop (H), Masquerade (H) & Peace (H).

You probably already know that ILNP make about the most gorgeous nail polish out there, and these newly formulated ultra chromes are as pretty as they can get! If these names ring a bill, that's because ILNP reformulated some of their most amazing Ultra Chromes and added some holographic magic to them, to make them even more awesome.

The formula of these three is pretty nice, it might appear a bit sheer upon application of the first coat, but with the second coat they completely even out and fully opaque, so that's pretty great.
The color shifting effect combined with the holo finish is beyond amazing, this is one of these things that you just have to see for yourself to realize how beautiful they are!

Bishop (H) is a holographic version of the original Bishop Ultra Chrome polish.
The new Bishop (H) is stuffed with the perfect amount of holographic sparkle to really make it pop!
Bishop (H) is a uniquely regal Ultra Chrome that shifts from a refined gold to a light olive-green. You may even notice subtle hints of greyish blue in the right lighting conditions. 

Masquerade (H) is a holographic version of the original Masquerade Ultra Chrome polish.
It's one of the strongest color shifting polishes in the Ultra Chrome line and it is gorgeous!
This beautiful ultrachrome shifts through an incredible array of super bright pink, violet, red, copper, and a stunningly vibrant green. 

Peace (H) is a holographic version of the original Peace Ultra Chrome polish.
Depending on the light and angle of your fingertips, Peace (H) will magically shift through vivid hues of blue, purple, fuchsia, pink, and even a subtle coppery gold. 

The holographic shades from the ILNP Fall 2014 Colletion retail for $12.5, available for purchase at

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