PUPA Snow Queen Christmas 2014 Collection Preview

November 17, 2014

PUPA are releasing a new makeup collection for the upcoming holidays, and I'm super excited about this one! The Snow Queen collection looks simply gorgeous and there are already a few products that I got me eyes on. I just hope that it will arrive to us soon to enjoy of these beautiful colors in the upcoming winter season. 
I've gathered some photos and product info from PUPA's site to share it with you in the post below. Hope you'll enjoy it!

 PUPA Snow Queen Limited Editon Collection for Christmas / Winter 2014 
The poetic feel and the magic of snow inspire the frosty and sophisticated elegance of Snow Queen, the collection for this coming Christmas. Make-up captures the shine of ice crystals and scatters it in a thousand reflections.

The eyelids are made precious by a veil of sophisticated frosted shades, with a limited edition of Pupart and three new Vamp! Wet & Dry Eyeshadow colors. Matic Stylo brightens the eyes with precious details.
Miss Pupa gives an amazing crystalline effect to the lips with three new, very feminine colors.
The skin is sublimized by precious and luminous reflections thanks to Pearly All Over Highlighter.
For the perfect Snow Queen look, a new amazing three-dimensional nail art with Frozen Crystals, for nails with ice crystals effect. 
Four new Lasting Color Gel nuances in the shades of polar nights with the iridescent reflections of icebergs complete the make-up look.

Snow Queen Miss PUPA Ultra Shiny Lipstick
Colors: 001 Pink, 002 Dark Pink, 003 Red

I'm really loving the Miss PUPA lipsticks from their basic range, and these colors look just perfect. I'm pretty sure I'll be getting at least one of these three, if not all of them! 

Snow Queen Lasting Color Gel Nail Polish
Colors: 093 Far North Lilac, 094 Alaska, 095 Polar Green, 096 Antarctic 

These look like such nice and refreshing colors for the season, and I already have two favorites which I'd be gladly adding to my collection - Alaska & Antarctic. I'm always after a good dark navy color and the sand/gray shade is also so nice and unique.

Snow Queen Frozen Crystals Nail Art Kit
Color 001 Snow Lights / Swatches

Snow Queen VAMP! Wet & Dry Eyeshadow
Colors: 001 Far Northic Lilac - Satin Finish, 002 Glacial Mauve - Pearly Finish, 003 Frozen Pink - Pearly Finish

Another great product that I love from PUPA is their baked eyeshadows, and I'm already loving the Mauve and the Pink shades. These seem quite nice and looks like they could create a lovely everyday makeup look.

Snow Queen PUPART Eyeshadow Palette
9 compact eyeshadows with perfectly matchable colors. 3 types of finish: satin, iridescent and pearly to create the right look for every occasion in a very easy way.
Color: 001 Aurora Borealis

Snow Queen Matic Stylo & Pearly All Over Highlighter 
Colors: 001 Snow Star & 001 Frozen Gold 

I already have a Matic Stylo eyeshadow in my collection which I got from a previous collection, I really love it and use it a lot! I'm not sure how this shimmery silver will incorporate in my makeup looks, I'll be sure I'll give this one a try.
This All Over Highlighter stick looks pretty awesome, I don't recall seeing anything like this from PUPA so far, so I'm quite excited about this product.

I bet some of you are already excited to see this collection arrive to stores, and hopefully this will happen soon (crossing my fingers!). Let me know which products got you curious and you'd like to try.
I'm leaving you with some more photos of the actual products and the inspiration board of this collection. Enjoy!

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  1. What a great collection ! ...Thx for sharing..:-) Kisses dear, have a good evening! xo

  2. i love pupa eyeshadow's ... those are great ... love the colour on the picture

  3. Nice colours, especially for the nail polish! I wish I had tried out Pupa when I was in Italy but the range was so huge that I didn't know what to get xD