Dance Legend 170 - Thermo Collection

November 03, 2014

As it's that crazy season changing time, when it's hot one day and pouring rain the next, I decided it's a great time to pull out one of my thermal nail polishes from the drawer.
I have a few of these in my collection, but I think this is one of the best among them - Dance Legend 170 from their Thermo (Thermal) Collection. I've reviewed and swatched it last year, and I still love it as much as I did then!

Dance Legend 170 is a thermal nail polish that changes from a hot red (when in it's warm state) to a deep gorgeous burgundy (when it's cold).
I managed to caught it somewhere in it's transition, but the drakest color is way darker when it's really cold (like, freezing!), but you can check how it looks when it's super cold in my previous review.
On my nails I have two coats of DL 170 and one coat of Cirque Colors Liquid Laminate™ Top Coat.

I love having these kind of thermal polishes on my nails for an easy gradient they create with the long tips of my nails, and it's such a fun and playful option if you like your nails looking classy yet edgy.

The Dance Legend Thermo 170 nail polish and the rest shades from the Thermo Collection are available for purchase at the Dance Legend site (retail for $13 each).

*PR Sample

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  1. Its a fantastic color so classy and chic! And you put is perfectly! Kisses dear, have a good evening! xo

  2. And did you see its new version, with scattered holo added? It's their new collaboration with Anna Gorelova, named Soothsayer. If possible, it's even better than the original thermal!

  3. This looks so good on your beautiful nails!

  4. Red is not one of my favourite colours, but it looks beautiful on your nails and the change of colour is amazing :-)

  5. your swatches are gorgeous! I love color changing polishes!