My Wish List For Spring

March 30, 2015

I'm really trying to be a good girl and now just go and buy anything that I like, and sometimes it's even better to have your cravings organized in a wish list, then you are most likely to appreciate them more once you finally get the hold of them. I think. :) 
So I've made a little wishlist for this spring featuring the things that I'd really like to get for myself (presents are always welcome too, of course), and I thought why not share them with you? You might end up liking them too, and maybe even add them to your wishlist!

VERSACE Bright Crystal / 50ml, $53 / Currently on sale (Israel) 170 ILS
I know I probably have too many perfumes at the moment, but there are only a few that I REALLY love, and apparently Versace Bright Crystal is one of them. It's perfectly balance between citrus, floral, fresh and spicy. My favorite fragrance at the moment, Lancome Miracle is coming to it's end soon, and I think Bright Crystal would be a suitable replacement for it.

AHAVA Dry Oil Body Mist, Cactus and Pink Pepper / 100ml, $40 / (Israel) 130 ILS
Ever since I first saw this product at a press release, I had a feeling I'm going to love it. The other day I finally spotted it at the drugstore and tried it's tester, and I was pleased to find that it held up to my expectations. This super light dry oil body mist has the most lovely, light floral and slightly sweet scent, a perfect fragranced body mist & dry oil combo. The pretty packaging is also something that I appreciate, and I find this pale pink frosted glass bottle so elegant and pretty.
Although I have about 5 different body oils I'm using at the moment, this dry oil mist from AHAVA is something that I know I will be getting eventually.

Vichy Idealia Smoothing and Illuminating Cream / 50ml, $38 / Currently on sale $25
Without a doubt this is my favorite face cream (if I'm not counting the Shiseido Ibuki Moisturizer which is in face a lotion)! A friend recommended it to me a long time ago and I was hooked right away! I had this cream in little 15ml jars (already finished 3 or 4 of these) and my skin really enjoyed it. This cream has a wonderful formula which is very moisturizing, yet not heavy on the skin, and it really works wonders on my skin.
My last jar of magic is about to end now and I was thinking of getting the full size, although the travel size jars are super cute and very convenient since it allows me to use other things in between, which is very handy when you're a beauty blogger, and also that way I get a "fresh" jar or product every time.

Vichy Idealia BB Cream / 40ml, $33 / Currently on sale $22
After trying a few products from the Vichy Idealia range (Smoothing and Illuminating Cream, Life Serum and the Eye cream) and absolutely loving them, I spotted the Idealia BB Cream and got really curious. I was looking for a new BB cream / foundation that will be light and moisturizing, without the shiny and tacky effect. I decided that I want to to see how it will look and feel on my skin before I rush and buy it. I found a pharmacy that carried a tester of this BB cream and I was actually quite impressed; it had a light tint which surprisingly worked well with my skin tone, it was slightly more glowing than I expected, but that glow had a perfecting effect with the benefits of the Idealia moisturizer, and SPF25 which is bonus. I felt that if I were using it, I could skip the moisturizerin the morning and use the BB Cream alone, and still enjoy the Idealia moisturizing effect. I decided to wait a bit with this purchase since I have more BB creams and foundations than I need at the moment, but this is something that I'm considering buying in the future.

L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil / 250ml, $26
I got a sample of this shower oil last year in my Liferia box and I have to admit, wasn't that amazed by it at the time. It felt way to oily to be a shower gel, and I just didn't enjoy it as much as I wish.
But, these past months I felt like my body could use something just like that to sooth the itchy and dryness of my skin. I was looking for a cheaper product with a similar performance and ended up buying something else that wasn't what I wanted it to be. so I figured I should better get 'the real thing' to avoid spending more money on other replacements.

Caudalie Beauty Elixir / 30ml, $17
This is just one of these products that you 'want' more than you actually 'need' them... I got this beauty elixir last summer, mainly out of curiosity, just to see what all the rave about, and I ended up liking it too. It's basically a refreshing and boosting minty mist, but I find that it's really nice for the hot summer days. It's supposed to boost dull skin and make it fresh and radiant, and I guess it does all that, yet still it feels like a splurge purchase for me. Sometimes we're allowed, aren't we?

Essie Flowerista Spring 2015 Collection / $4
Talking about thing we want but really don't need... Maybe adding another nail polish set to the stash isn't a great idea when I'm trying to avoid unnecessary purchases, but these hues are right up my alley! I can think of a few colors that I already have in my stash that are pretty much the same, but man, I do love these colors. I have no idea how the people behind the nail polish industry make the slightest change in colors we already have and present them as a brand new hue, but they got me! 
I will probably end up getting the mini set ($11) which includes 4 out of 6 shades from this collection, since they are the ones I liked the most anyways, and skip the full sized bottles this time (although they are were prettier in full size, right?).

Large Face Watch & Nude / Skin Tone Handbag
I love to switch my accessories to a lighter scheme for spring and summer, and this seasons I'd love to get me a brand new bag! I really love the look of a light nude toned bag and matching sandals or flats, they pretty much go with anything (well, besides very dark colors, which I don't wear as much in the spring and summer).
For the past few years I've been buying most of bags at or on ebay, some are good quality and some weren't, but in the end they all wear down, and I end up getting a new bag every two seasons or so. This time I had my eye on this lovely nude tones bag from New Look, and there are a few more options I have in mind like this one from New Look as well, and this one. In my opinion they have a great selection of decent designs and they are affordable. I usually go for the larger size bags because I tend to take anything and everything with me, plus sometimes I need that extra space for my camera if I'm going to an event and need it with me.

After loving my large faced skinny watch so much this winter, I decided to get a lighter version as well. Usually I'm not into watches, but I really loved the look of it on my wrist, and I already have my eye on a few; ASOS Large Face Slim Strap Watch, New Look Floral Edge Dial Watch, and altought it's not a nude shade, this watch with the gold strip looks pretty awesome too New Look Metallic Oversize Dial Watch.
Hopefuly something will be left it stock by the time I'd make up my mind. :)

So I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe got an idea or two for things you'd like to get for yourself this spring. Feel free to share with me anything from your wishlist, I'm always up for new cravings!

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