Finally, a nail polish blog

April 02, 2012

Hi there,
Finally I decided to create a nail polish blog, since I'm just obsessed with it lately and I can't see how it will fit my other blogs. Besides, this hobby deserves it's own blog :)
I'll try to keep it simple and nails related only. I tend to do a mesh from all my hobbies at one place, but I really hope that this blog will serve me for my nail addictions.
I guess you can say I'm kind of a new addict, but I can tell you guys - I'm in it deep! I'm just obsessed with all nail related stuff. I spend lots of time on ebay searching for new polishes to buy, buying some new for my collection each time I visit the local drugstore. just bought the Bundle Monster stamping plates and it goes on and on... What can I say? I'm obsesses and I LOVE it! 
Just so you know, where I live (Israel) - getting the popular brands such as OPI, Essie, China Glaze, Zoya, Nubar and so on, is also an impossible mission. Most of the brands are not even sold out here, and these which are - cost about $14. That's outrageous :X So that's why I buy my polishes on ebay or elsewhere.
So far, most of my nail polish collection includes the local Israeli brands such as GA-DE, Chic, Life and some nail polishes that I bought from US such as China Glaze, Nubar and a pair of Catherine Arley holographic from Bulgaria. I guess I will post some photos of my collection later on this blog, but for now you can take a peek at my current nail polish - it's a gorgeous fuchsia with some bright purple shine. I just adore it!

Fascination #394 by GA-DE
Fascination #394 by GA-DE

I'll be sure to update the blog every now and then with new swatches and new additions to the collection, some inspirations and nail art I love and inspired by <3
Hope you'll enjoy this blog.


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