NOTD Revlon Whimsical

April 25, 2012

Sometimes wishes do come true...
I've been longing for this gorgeous Whimsical nail polish by Revlon for so long, and finally (thanks to a lovely lady) I own one. It's almost impossible to get it here and it seems like it's an urban legend - everyone knows it exists but no one saw it lol. I couldn't be happier!
I just love it's depth and how it sparkles in the sun, and even in the shade the hexagon glitters catch some light.
Today is the Israeli independence day and I think I found the right nail polish to wear because it's really festive and reminds me of fireworks.

It was a quite a procedure to put it on and I finally ended up with 6 different coats of polish.
First I used one coat of nail hardener, then I applied two coats of Luxe Nude by GADE which is really pretty and looks to me like something a bride would wear on her wedding day.
The next day I applied 3 coats of Revlon Whimsical. I think next time I will wear it I will use only 2 coats of Whimsical.
I was struggling with the glitter and tried to arrange it evenly on each nail but it was pretty hard, and some nails got an overdose of the glitters I think :)
But after all I'm really happy with the result. See how pretty it is even in the shade?

Nude Luxe #80 by GADE

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  1. It looks very pretty on you Natalie! I have it too but my nails aren't at pretty as yours.

  2. Looks gorgeous!
    Where had you find it?)
    I checked all superfarm's in my district, but result is zero((

    1. Thank you. I got it as parts of a swap I did with another nail polish addict from the US. :) It is really hard to get this polish here.

  3. היי בלוג נורא יפה...אהבתי את העיצוב ואת הלקים ואת הכל :)
    רציתי לשאול אותך matt top coat by CHIC איזה מספר לק זה?והאם קנית את זה בארץ?כי יש לי לק של ג'דה בגוון הורדרד וראיתי שאצלך הלק על הציפורון נראה אחרת והרבה יותר יפה...אהבתי את הגימור מט.
    פעם ראשונה שאני שומעת על כך שיש לק של גימור מט אז אשמח אם תוכלי לפרט קצת יותר,כמו איפה קנית?
    תודה והמשך יום נעים :)

  4. היי
    שיק היא חברה ישראלית שניתן להשיג רק בארץ. את הטופ מאט שלהם קניתי בסופר פארם ב-30 ש"ח. אני מאמינה שניתן להשיג אותו ברוב המקומות שמוכרים לקים של שיק. יש לו אפקט באמת יפה :)

  5. תודה רבה:)

  6. Whimsical is the polish which I`m dreaming for!
    Amazing on your nails! <3