Golden Rose #53 lipstick swatch

April 15, 2012

My everyday makeup is very minimal and contains a small routine: concealer, eyeshadow and mascara. I can't say I put too much afford into this look, but it keeps me feeling nice all day.
Not so long ago I couldn't leave the house without a heavy eyeliner, but I'm just too lazy these days...
I can't even remember the last time used a lipstick or a lip gloss on a regular basis (really, few years ago) but last few weeks I have a huge urge for cosmetics and make up, so when I received this cute lipstick as a gift from my cousin, I was really happy.
This pinkish lipstick has no name, it's #53 by Golden Rose. It's really nice and fresh, not too heavy on the lips and has a lovely sweet scent.
I really like it and I think it could be a great addition for the minimal everyday look I'm used to :)

Have you tried any of the Golden Rose lipsticks? Do you have a favorite lipstick for a natural everyday look? Please feel free to share.

 Golden Rose #53

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