Maybelline Mini Colorama swatches: Fruit Roll Up, Peach Cocktail & Candy Frost

May 10, 2012

Yesterday I got 3 bottles of Maybelline Mini Colorama nail polish. Actually this time I didn't really pick them myself, it was my mom who saw them and I asked her on the phone which colors they had there, so I could check online for swatches. That was kind of funny :)
I didn't have any nail polish of this brand so it's always nice to have new additions to the stash.
These are pretty cute but I'm not sure I would have picked them for myself if I saw them in the store. Maybe it's a good thing though. I tend to pick the safe colors when I shop for nail polish.
I swatched them using two coats and it was pretty good coverage except Candy Frost which is really sheer so I guess you'll need at least three coats for better coverage.

Fruit Roll Up is a lovely old pink with a frost finish. I really love this color, actually I have something similar to this color but the finish is different. I'm not a big fan of this frost finish though.
Fruit Roll Up

Fruit Roll Up

Peach Cocktail is a hot orange with a glass flecked finish.
It's my first orange nail polish and it's sooo bright! If I were to give it a name, I would definitely name it Carrot! I love these tiny bright glitters.

Peach Cocktail

Peach Cocktail

Candy Frost is a sheer pearly white color with a touch of purple shimmer. I have nothing like that in my stash and I thought I could use it as a top coat but it was too white. I guess I will try using three coats and see how it goes next time. Basically it's nice but I was a bit disappointed, and I couldn't find the swatch online so it was kind of a surprise.

Candy Frost

Candy Frost

They come in a cute little bottles and contain 7.5 ml. I managed to get them for a good price so I'm not too disappointed.
I think I will stop by that place and see what else I can get for this price. I've seen them around but never actually thought about buying them because the price was a bit high for that small bottle.
I've seen many lovely colors online but I'm not sure the selection will be that large over there.

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