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October 3, 2012

Local dupes for Essie

It's not uncommon to find dupes among local cheaper nail polish brands to match perfectly (or pretty close) to expensive and well known brands such as Essie.
I've spotted some potential dupes I had in my stash and I wanted to test them against the real deal. So I've swatched them side by side with Essie and here they are.

Essie Navigate Her VS GADE Green Almond
Color: Dirty green
Finish: Creme
Coats: 2
These are pretty much identical. There's a slight color difference, Green Almond is a bit brighter as Navigate Her has a bit more of gray tone to it.

Essie Tour De Finance VS GADE Fascination
Color: Fuchsia with violet shimmer
Finish: Essie - Shimmer
Coats: 2
These two are very much alike. In some angles GADE looks darker and with more red tint, but in the sun they are identical. Another difference I've noticed is that Tour De Finance has a creamy consistency with shimmer, as Fascination is shimmer only and a bit more sheer.

Essie Limo-Scene VS GADE Nude Luxe
Color:Pale pink
Finish: Sheer Creme
Coats: 3 
Another quite identical pair, both are very streaky but I was surprised to find out that GADE was much easier to apply thanks to it's wider brush. Essie's thin brush just kept being flooded and the coats were thicker and much more difficult to make them even.

Essie Sexy Divide VS Life 251
Color: Dark purple with blue and red shimmer
Finish: Shimmer
Coats: 2 
At first glance this pair looked quite identical but up close they are different. Sexy Divide has a blue undertone as Life 251 is more red. Essie has a bit more noticeable glass flakes in blue and red, and in Life 251 I could mostly spot the shimmer and barely see the glass flecks.

GADE and Life are Israeli brands with a large color range. Overall I think these are quite good alternatives if you can't find Essie at your place or just looking for a cheaper option.
I assume that these are not the only dupes there are from these brands but I don't have much to compare to since I don't really tend to hold dupes in my collection.
If you know about any other dupes from these brands please feel free to share :)


  1. Very nice post! I love comparisons! Unfortunately for me, Essie is easy to get around here, but the GADE brand is unavailable.

    1. Thank you :)
      If you need any help getting these I can help you :)

  2. אהבתי את הרעיון.
    Navigate Her VS GADE Green Almond
    יש ברשותי את שניהם, דומים אך עדיין בעיניי של אסי יותר עדין ומדויק.
    אני מוצאת שב 99% המקרים ניתן למצוא דיופ בחברה פחות יקרה ללקים היקרים, כי כל החברות עובדות על אותו עיקרון

    1. תודה :)
      מסכימה איתך לחלוטין

  3. איזה פוסט מעולה! אהבתי מאד את ההשוואות והאיכות של הסוואטצ'ים מעולה.
    את 251 של לייף היה לי פעם והפורמולה שלו הייתה פשוט מזעזעת. זרקתי אותו אחרי 2 מריחות לפח...

    1. תודה רבה!
      האמת הפורמולה של הלייף אצלי ממש סבבה, אפילו העדפתי אותה על אסי... :)
      אולי זה מקרי

  4. Not to be picky but isn't the brand name Jade? Regardless, I love the comparisons and Fascination is beautiful on you.

    1. Thanks :)

      They didn't do the greatest job with their logo so there are many who think it's Jade while it's actually Gade :)

  5. Replies
    1. It's a lovely color but I'm not sure how I feel about it on my nails :)

  6. Gotcha....thank you for the reply. Yeah they really shouldve come up with a better design, I would've never found their page.

    1. No problem :) I thought at first that it's Jade as well but them someone corrected me and I had to get to the bottom of it :)

  7. אני חושבת שרק הבלוג שלך ורק הסווטצ'ים שלך יכולים לעורר חשק ללקים של ג'ייד בהשוואה ללקים של Essie :P

    1. WOW
      איזו מחמאה! תודה :) כיף לשמוע...

  8. אני לא יודעת למה אבל הירוק מאוד עשה לי את זה , של ג'ייד עשה לי את זה יותר משל אסי בגלל הגוון היותר עמוק.
    ובכלל הבלוג שלך הורס!

  9. לא יודעת למה לא התפרסמה פה התגובה הראשונה שלי . אנסה שוב.
    הלק הירוק של ג'ייד עשה לי את זה הכי הרבה מסיבה לא ברורה. לטעמי הגוון העמוק שלו יותר מוצלח [לפחות עלייך] .

    ובכלל הבלוג שלך הורס ונורא כיפי לצפות ולקרוא :)
    תכתבי הרבה !

  10. where can you buy GADE?

    1. GADE is an Israeli brand, it can be found in pharmacies and beauty stores. I think it can also be found in some stores in Russia...
      If you need any help getting these, I might be able to help and arrange a parcel for you. Feel free to contact me via email (nailzcraze@gmail.com) or facebook.


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