Green Gemstones

February 20, 2013

Green is not my go to color, and I rarely wear it, but this combination was just too fabulous to ignore, so I decided to create this green gemstones mani.
I started with two coats of GADE Green Garnet which is a dark shimmery green (actually reminds me a lot of Essie Dive Bar, but I don't own it so I can't really compare the two). Then I applied two coats of Nfu Oh 50 which has gorgeous green flakes in a light purple jelly base. I stamped the gemstones design from Nailz Craze NC04 plate with Essie No Place Like Chrome. Topped it all with one coat of Poshe.
The final result was so pretty and it's so fun to look at it in different lighting while the flakes shift their color. I even managed to snap a photo that shows how they change from green to blue. 
What do you think about this design? Which colors would you advise me to try and combine with Nfu Oh 50? Would love to hear your thought :)

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  1. Greens aren't my go to colour as well but I can accept a green like the one you're wearing. The nfu Oh polish is GORGEOUS though.

  2. That is beyond pretty - the pre-stamped version reminds me of this granite kitchen platform slab I saw somewhere. There is so much depth, yet it is subtle. Love it!
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