Essie Leading Lady

February 09, 2013

Once again I decided to go with something simple but gorgeous, so I picked Essie Leading Lady for that mission. I didn't really had time for stamping or anything complicated this time, so this was a great option for me since this polish is so pretty on it's own.

Essie Leading Lady is a red jelly with small red glitter. It instantly reminded me of my all time favorite China Glaze Ruby Pumps, but this one it a bit darker, so I decided to get this beauty too.
Application was a bit too streaky for my taste, as it was with Essie Beyond Cozy, but it might have been like that only for me since I haven't read any other complaints about their formula. I recall that CG Ruby Pumps was much easier to apply, but I guess that was because the glitter in it was much smaller compared to Essie Leading Lady.
I needed only two coats to get this look, and one top coat of Poshe. I was very pleased with the result. It was so gorgeous on the nails that it made me forget about the tiny trouble I had while applying it, so I think it's a good one after all.

Essie Leading Lady is a very popular color from the Winter 2012 collection and I can assume that most of you probably have it in your collection by now. I would say it is a bit different than CG Ruby Pumps but I think I still prefer Ruby Pumps since it's formula was better to me. But still, having them both in my collections couldn't harm, right? You can never have enough sf a gorgeous sparkly red polish. ;)

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  1. Gorgeous color and it looks great on you!

  2. such a nice nail polish colour

  3. wow this colour is gorgeous!! love your blog and would be so grateful if you could check mine out, started it today xx

  4. That is such a pretty glittery color.

  5. That's a gorgous colour ! I think the brand orly has also a colour like this one.

    I love the shape of your nails !

  6. Truly gorgeous. And you have the most amazing nails!

    Following your blog. Would love it if you visit and follow at:

  7. Amazing! I love it! I have Beyond Cozy from the same collection and i love it too, but this deep red is absolutely gorgeous !

  8. one of my favorite polishes ever, great swatches :)