Review: Born Pretty Store - BK Nail Polish Remover Gel

February 05, 2013

Today I have another review for you, this time it's the BK Nail Polish Remover Gel from Born Pretty Store. I was curious to try this item for a while, so I was happy that I got the opportunity to finally try and review it for you.
You can get this item for $3.80 at Born Pretty Store and get a 10% discount on your whole purchase if you use this code: PNL91
This is a nail polish removed in a form of gel. I was surprised by the large tube, I was expecting something smaller, but it contains a large amount of gel (35 ml). The one I picked smells like strawberry (there are 6 scents to choose from) but it also has a smell of alcohol or something similar. The smell didn't bother me at all, and usually I'm sensitive to strong smells so I guess you can say it was ok and you could sense the strawberry somewhere in there.

Instructions (info taken from their site):
1.Take a little (just as mung bean) of wash armour gel and apply it on the nail polish;
2.The wash armour gel will dissolve the nail polish, then you can use cotton wipes
to roll for massage.

I followed the instructions, didn't really know how long I need to leave it on the nails, but I waited about 6 minutes and then removed it with a cotton pad. I didn't know how to apply it and didn't want to use my fingers to do this, so I put a little amount on a pad and placed it on the nail each time, spreading the gel over the nails.

After a few minutes I saw that the stamping designs is getting a bit blurry so I figured the gel worked and it somehow dissolved the polish underneath. So I waited for about 6 minutes, then removed it with a cotton pad. I had some of the polish left on the nails but I guess it was because I had 4 coats of polish (1 base, 2 color polish and a top coat). I think it did a decent job removing it, but I did have to wait a long time for that. By this time I could have soaked off a glitter polish with my nail soakers (which I adore) but I think this is a good product for traveling, when you don't want your nail polish to spill inside your bag. It night work better on less coats of polish and take less time in this case.
I didn't really want to wait again for the remains of polish to get soaked with the gel so I eventually used my regular nail polish to get them off.

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  1. Oooh what an interesting product! Also the mani you have on in this post is stunning :)

  2. Really interesting, I've not seen a gel before!