Bubble White 5 Minute Effervescent Nail Cleaner Review

March 19, 2013

I think that all of you polish lovers are dealing with the problem I'm going to talk about today. Wearings colorful nail polish and changing it every other day is really fun, but it has it's consequences. Yes, I'm talking about yellowish nails, those we are all ashamed of and thankful when they are covered with polish, where no one can see.
My nails are not it a bad shape, actually I think I've been blesses with good and strong nails, I can hardly recall the last time I broke a nail. I did have some bad times with my nails, breaking, peeling etc. But since I started using a good base coat (I've been using Duri Rejuvacote for a few months now), I don't have these problems anymore. The only thing I have to deal with is the yellow tone of the nails that appear after staining and application of nail polish during a long period of time.

I was looking for a nail whitening product that will leave me with white and healthy looking nails. I could have hopped for a miracle but I kind of knew from the beginning that nothing will do the job perfectly. I decided to try a product that I saw was very common, I've read several reviews about it - not all of them were good. For some it did a good job, and for others it did nothing. I decided to give it a try, so I asked a friend from the US to pick this up for me and send it all the way to Israel so I can try this for myself. I think you will be able to get this product at most beauty supply stores in the US, and maybe in other countries as well.

I chose to try Bubble White by Originals because it looked simple to use, wasn't messy and takes only 5 minutes to see results.
The package contains 143g / 5 oz, it looks like there is a lot of powder that will last for many uses. The jar has hermetic seal, and inside there is a measuring cup and a little bag with material that supposed to absorb moisture. 
When I opened the jar, I was surprised by the smell of the product. I wasn't expecting anything in particular, but then I smelled this sweet peppermint scent, that reminded me of a toothpaste or TicTac. That was a good surprise for me. The powder looked exactly like washing powder at first look.

Following the instructions, I filled one spoon of powder with the measuring cup, placed into a bowl and added 1/3 cup of warm water. Actually the instructions were to add the powder to the water in the bowl, but I don't think this makes any difference.

Immediately after adding the water to the powder, it started a reactions that created the bubbles. It bubbled intensively for about 10 seconds, then the bubbles were smaller but you could still hear the reaction and the bubbling sound. I put my hands into the bowl immediately after adding the water (and taking a picture) and waited for five minutes. I moved my fingers a little in the bowl, as instructed. The bubbles disappeared completely after about a minute or so, and I was left with a milky white solution.
After five minutes I took my hands out of the bowl, and washed with water and soap, using a nail brush. Then I noticed something I was happy I read about in other reviews, because if I didn't, it would probably made me a bit crazy for a moment. While washing my hands, I felt that the fingertips, the part that was dipped in the bubble bath, had a slimy feeling under water. It felt like I had soap on these parts, but no matter how long and how hard I washed the fingers, the feeling just didn't go away. I was happy to know that it was "supposed" to be like that, but this feeling was quite irritating. The good thing about it, is that I felt it only when my hands were wet. Once I dried my hands, I did feel like they needed more moisture than normally, so I used hand cream several times. I used this product at evening, and the next morning the slimy feeling on my fingertips went away.

To show you (and myself) the results I took pictures of my nails before and after the use, so you can see the difference. I took the photos against white paper, which makes my nails look extra yellow and gross, but this is for a good cause, right? :) Hope this will not scare you away.
My left hand is a bit more yellow stained than the right one, mainly because it's my swatching hand and also because it was stained with green polish, so the difference you will see it more noticeable on this hand.
I did see some change after using this product, and my nails looked a bit whiter.

The instructions say to use this product once a week. I wasn't planning on using this weekly, but now I'm curious to see if it will make my nails even whiter.
In my opinion this product will give good results as an immediate treatment for stained nails, in cases you are removing a blue\red\green nail polish that you applied a few days ago, and left with badly stained nails. I don't think it will make my nails bright white even if I use this weekly, but mostly help to maintain a lighter tone of my current nail stain. I will try to use it again next week and see how it goes, but I know for sure that I will be happy to use this product the next time I get badly stained nails, and from what I saw so far, I think it will do a great job.

Ingredients: Potassium Carbonate, Sodium Carbonate Peroxide, Pentasodium Triphosphate, Citric Acid, Sodium Carbonate, Silica, Menthol.

The full instruction below:

These two pictures were taken the next day (in direct light and in shade), as you can see the stain is more noticable at the tips, but I've seen worse. I'm pretty satisfied with the new cleaner look. I defiantly do feel a difference, even though it might not seem noticeable to you, I feel better about my less stained nails.
I would recommend you to try this product, and if you don't want to get the big jar, you might be happy to know that it's also sold in little bags that are intended for a single use, and they cost a few dollars (if I'm not mistaken, the large jar is sold for $10).

I hope my review was helpful and that it will help you to decide if you want to try this product for yourselves.
I tried to cover all the important issues, but if you have any questions, feel free to ask.
Thanks for reading!

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  1. Thank you so much! I have tried making a few "at home whiteners" and they worked ok but they were messy and I didn't receive the results I wanted. I'm going to try this product and hopefully it will help. I've been avoiding french tips because of my stained nails :O

  2. uauuuu
    amei o produto Natalie!
    não vejo a hora dele chegar por aqui!

  3. This was so helpful!! :)
    thank you - I do too suffer from the shameful feeling of showing my naked nails around hehe
    will try to see if this one is available around Lisbon ;)

  4. I have something similar to this, but it's a little pot where you have to put your nails in.

  5. Great review! I was tempted to try this but I decided to try the denture cleaner technique first. I'd say that works just as well as this! x

  6. Thank you for the review. It gave me all the information I wanted.
    I've gone mad into nail health at the moment and I noticed that your nailbed has a blueish tint at the base.
    Just a heads up that it can be a sign of lack of oxygen in the body. Maybe next time you are at your doctor, ask them about it.

  7. The blue tint (like she stated in her article) is from her using a green polish and it staining her nails. .not from lack of oxygen

  8. Tahnk u so much!! I have nails that are stained and im going to order this online since i live in Finland so.. but yeah im gonna give it a try!😁😂

  9. Replies
    1. I don't recall where I got mine, it was a long time ago, but try searching ebay or amazon or other beauty supply stores for "bubble white nail cleaner".