Cotton Candy Nails

March 05, 2013

Today I have a special fluffy cotton candy design for you!
I created this mani using a flocking powder I received from Born Pretty Store for review. When I saw this velvety trend at first, I didn't really liked\ it but I thought why not give it a try and then decide if I like it or not?

For this mani I started with two coats of L'Oreal Butterfly Kisses which is a pinky lilac creme. I realized none of my pink colors was a match for the pink color of the flocking powder, and this color was the best fit. While the polish was wet I applied the flocking powder, once I finished covering all the nails with the powder I stamped over the flocking powder the swirly design from Nailz Craze NC02 plate using a hot pink polish. I was amazed when I first saw that you can stamp over flocking powder, so I had to try this myself, and it was totally cool! So this is how I came up with this pink cotton candy design.

The flocking powder I used for this design was in light pink color, but you have various colors to choose from at Born Pretty Store. This set includes a tin of flocking powder, tweezers and a brush. There are also sets that include flocking powder and a matching nail polish, or just the flocking powder without the tools in case you already have them or you use something that you have at home, so that can save you some money. 
I was surprised to receive two tins as the picture of the item on the store includes only one tin, but then I realized that these are smaller tins so they might have just split the same amount of powder into them. The color was a bit brighter than it shows in the pictures, but I think you don't have to have a matching color because as you can see I used a much lighter polish, and the flocking powder just mixed nicely with it. The tools were very helpful, I picked the powder with the tweezers from the tin to apply it on my nails, and then brushed the access away with the brush. You could use similar tools that you probable have at home, but these were fine for me as they were already included in the set.
I will say this is a quite messy process, so you will need to prepare the surface you are going to work on and cover it with a paper. Also work over a paper sheet so you will be able to pick the access powder and reuse it.
You will need to work fast and apply the powder while the polish is still wet, so I would advice doing one nail at a time. Just pick some powder with the tweezers and spread it on the nail, then press the powder with the tweezers or your finger, then brush away the access powder, and you're done!

One of the things I was most curious about when I first saw the flocking powder nails, was how durable this design is. You would think that washing your hands will completely ruin this mani and remove the powder, but it surprised me. I washed my hands several times, even scrubbed the nails a bit just to see if it will stay in place. I was surprised to see that it looked quite nice. I did notice that parts of the stamping were missing after that, so that means some of the flocking fibers were missing now, but I assume that if you don't stamp over the powder, you will notice this less.
The flocking powder experience was really fun for me but it didn't last long, since I have this awesome OCD that made me feel like my nails and hands were dirty, and the feeling of this texture on my nails quite disturbed me.
If you haven't try the flocking powder manicure yet, I would advice you to try this and decide for yourselves if you like it or not, because the process is fun and the result is cute and fluffy, and I think that some of you might not have the problem I had with the feeling of it on my nails, so it's worth giving it a try.
Hope you enjoyed this manicure any the review, and that it was helpful.
If you have any questions about the flocking powder or the process, please don't hesitate to ask :)

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  1. This looks so cute and fluffy! Love the design you added! :-)

    ~ Yun

  2. Stamping over the powder looks amazing!

  3. I never would have thought you could stamp over the flocking! It looks FANTASTIC!

    1. I know, right? I was amazed too when I saw stamping over flocking, it was so cool!
      Thanks so much!

  4. Wooooow ! The stamped design over the powder is so neat ! :o
    I have imagined it could be possible !
    The result is really pretty ! :)

  5. OMG this is so amazing, what a brilliant effect!!! Always loved the look of flocking powder manicures, now I love it even more :) xx

  6. This is awesome!!! I felt the same way about flocking that you did, maybe I need to give it a try. I didn't realize you could stamp over it!

  7. This is so cool! I had no idea you could stamp over flocking :D

  8. This is adorable!!! I didn't know you can stamp on flocking!!

  9. It's for the first time I see stamping over flock and I really love the effect. Great idea! :)

  10. I don't like nails with flocking powder.
    But this is stunning!! Love it!

  11. Wow what a great idea! I never thought it would be possible to stamp over flocks! I really going to try it out.

  12. FANTASTIC! I didn't know you could stamp over it either! Thank you so much! And your manicure came out beautifully elegant! :))

  13. I can say that I love your take on the flocking powder! I too have OCD and more than likely will pass on this nail trend. I am still trying to get used to matte nails. To me nails are supposed to be shiny. Don't even get me started on this textured trend. LOL! I am trying to try new things though. Thanks for sharing! Very pretty!

  14. Stamp over flocking powder?!
    That`s possible? Love the idea!
    Your nails are so cute... realy cute!:)
    Love your designs!


  15. Oh oh OH! Can't wait to try this!

  16. Those nails are amazing and so unique! Love it!

  17. Sooo amazing!! I've never seen this before! Love! xx

  18. I had no idea that you could stamp on flocking powder, fantastic manicure! :-)