Sneak peek to my swatch sticks collection

March 24, 2013

Finally, I swatched ALL my nail polish collection (so far Haha!) and I took some photos of it.
I plan on making a pic heavy post for you guys, but meanwhile, here's a sneak peek to a few of my favorite colorful photos.
Apperently I'm a fan of pink, red, peach, holos and glitter! ;)

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  1. Damn. That's a lot of polish X_x Seeing other people's collection gives me a good excuse to buy moar polish XD

    <a href=">Mish</a>

  2. wow congrats!! I can imagine how much time and effort you put into it, well done!
    I have about 1/3 of my collection on swatch sticks, so it's a looong way for me to go lol

  3. Lovely! I'd love to see close-up pics :)

  4. I love seeing pictures like this! So many pretty colours. :D

  5. That's a lot of polish and a lot of pretty colours x

  6. Love posts like this!! I'll have to post my swatch sticks soon :) .

    Mine will be mostly green I imagine!

  7. Ohh I'm loving these pics! I wanna do the same to my collection :) Kiss


  8. So pretty <3
    Just bought some swatch sticks to swatch my own polishes. Have been using swatch wheels up until now, but they're not very practical!

  9. so cute :D

    all the polishes swatches look really good on the sticks... i swatched my colection too but i couldnt find those sticks here so i had to do it with those nail wheels things