GlitterBunny Polish - Birthday Girl Collection

June 19, 2013

Today I have a fun and exciting post for you with some swatches of the new Birthday Girl collection by GlitterBunny
This collection is the newest addition to other beautiful polishes (you can see my previous post with swatches I did for three more GlitterBunny shades) made by Nicole from GlitterBunnt Polish, and I'm very happy to share my swatches for this collection with you.

Birthday Girl collection includes three fascinating glitter combos, each is very unique and interesting. All three polishes contain a generous amount of various glitter mixes in a clear base, allows  you to create endless combinations and looks.
I have to say, I was very impressed with these fabulous glitter bombs, I loved everything about them and I had no complaints whatsoever! Would I say these are perfect? Absolutely YES!
The colors, the shapes, the formula - everything was just great. To my eyes, this is a great collection, you can clearly see there was a lot of thought put into it, and event though this is a very small collection, these are all great and I had a hard time picking just one favorite shade.

Krazy Straws is a mix of neon matte glitter in pink, green and blue. This is a fun and bright combination of colors and shapes. I decided to pair it with a pink neon base, but I think any other neon or neutral color (white or black) will look great with this one on top.
Application was easy, and I didn't need to "fish" much for the glitter, which usually happens with large shapes. The surface wasn't completely smooth because of the large glitter shapes, but with the application of a top coat it was much better. I believe that a second coat would smooth it completely.
I applied one coat of Krazy Straws over two coats of China Glaze - Shocking Pink, and topped it with one coat of Poshe.

Rainbow Sprinkles is a sweet mix of various colors in hex shapes. These are also matte glitters in a clear base, they spread nicely over the nail with no effort at all.
I feel that these simple colors combined, create a festive and a cheerful look, and the name of this polish describes it really well. Simple yet great!
I decided to layer it over a light base, so I chose Lime Crime - Milky Ways for this job, applying two coats of it and one coat of Rainbow Sprinkles on top, sealed with one coat of Poshe. This combination reminds me of a fun and delicious birthday cake!

Saving the best for last, this is I Got a Goodie Bag!, a beautiful confetti mix of matte square glitter with a pinch of tiny holographic dust [oh, and also shiny (and beautiful) square glitter in purple and green].
This one was Ah-mazing! Even though I really loved all the polishes so far, this one stole my heart! It just screams "Parteeey"!
I couldn't take my eyes of it, and so did everyone who saw this on me (couldn't keep their hands from my nails as well lol, I guess people I don't even know, don't have any problem grabbing my hand and go like "Ah that's pretty! What's that?!").
You'll be surprised, but all that beauty is just one (!) coat, so as you can see you get a great coverage and a nice spread. Did a little fishing here to get all the beautiful colors together on each nail for you, but the result is great even if you don't to this.
It was a bit bumpy with just one top coat, so I would advice applying two if you like it smooth.
I decided to layer it over black so all the colors will pop out, so here I used one coat of Wet n Wild Black Creme and one coat of I Got a Goodie Bag!

GlitterBunny Polish shop is based in Israel, and offers worldwide shipping for a low cost, just visit the GlitterBunny shop and pick your favorite polishes.
You can enjoy a special discount code to receive 10% off  your purchase while shopping at the store. Use the code: NAILZCRAZE to redeem the discount.  
The code will expire on June 24th 2013, so hurry to place your order.
You can also see more swatches and macro shots of these and other polishes at GlitterBunny's Facebook page.

To wrap this post, here are some bottle shots and macros of the Birthday Girl collection so you can take a closer look at these beautiful polishes by GlitterBunny.
I would love to hear what's your favorite polish from this collection.
Hope you enjoyed this post, thanks for reading!

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  1. Hi Natalie,they are all very pretty.


  2. Very pretty!! I think I love all of these!

  3. lovely - I adore I Got a Goodie Bag! :)

  4. LOVE all of the glitterbunny polishes! They are so much fun!

  5. Ouu these are too cute :) Your nails are really nice! I like the length & shape.

    xo Maddy | spilledpolish
    ps. check out my handmade nail polish - Beyond the Nail :)