Ice Cream Nails

June 18, 2013

I made this cute pastel ice cream design for this weekend and I completely fell in love with it. It was quite easy to make and the result is so pretty and fun, so I'm very happy to share it with you ladies.

I started with two coats of my favorite nude color Essence Iced Latte, then stamped the net design to create the waffle look. I used Cheeky CH11 plate and L'oreal Mauvelous as my stamping polish.
I used a dotting tool to create the dripping ice cream waves, and chosetwo lovely pastel colors; Essie Mint Candy Apple and GA-DE Marhsmallow.
Creating the dripping shape was easier than expected, but I do wish I had a larger dotting tool to make it even easier. Since mine had a really small/fine edge, I had to repeat the dabbing motion a few times to create the desired shape, and then I applies a stroke of the same color on the free edge.
I wanted to add some sparkle to the tips and make it more interesting, so I applied on the dripping tips a bit of fabulous OPI Which is Witch to finish this look and create the "sprinkles" look.
To seal the design I used Poshe fast drying top coat.

The result was delicious! I had so much fun wearing this design and I think it's really easy to execute and get great results even if you don't consider yourself as a pro nail artist. It doesn't require a high skill level and the result is very impressive, so if you haven't tried something like this yet, I really recommend this design to you.
Hope you enjoyed this post and that it inspired you. Thanks for reading!

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  1. So cute & yummi, you gotta love 'em! ;)
    The sprinkles on top of the dripping icecream are such a fun detail :))

  2. Beautiful! I've personally been lemming for some yummy nails, these are beyond beautiful. I really love that you paired it with this specific stamp, it works wonderfully together! xx

  3. מהמם! אכלתי אתמול כבר גלידה ואת עושה לי חשק לעוד :( חחח

  4. Oh wow they are very delicious!

  5. Aw, adorable and summery! I have a problem that I mostly can't wear summer colors, so even in the hottest point of the year I'll be wearing burgundy and dark blue XD

    By the way, the Chic Metalix polishes work surpisingly well as stamping polishes!

  6. Yummy !! That's so pretty ! :D
    Very nice idea ! ;)
    I love it <3

  7. That is gorgeous! I will probably be your copycat on this! :p

  8. Awsome!!!! I loved your idea!!!!

  9. These are SO cute, I love them! =)

  10. This is absolutely adorable! I cant stop looking at them haha

  11. looove! :)) I cannot say no to ice cream, and your nails are so cute! <3