Swatch & Review: Polish Me Silly Multichromes

March 28, 2014

For today I have three gorgeous multichrome colors from Polish Me Silly to show you. These three colors are only a tiny fragment of the huge range of multichrome effects that you can find at Polish Me Silly.
So today I have these three shades to show you (L-R): Cosmic Kisses, Love The Hue & Toe-Tally Cosmic. I chose to show you these colors swatched alone, although they are spectacular over a dark or black base color. So let's get to the swatches!

Cosmic Kisses is a multichrome polish that shifts from a variety of reds to burgundy to oranges to fuchsia to purples. It also contains tiny blue holographic glitter that adds a beautiful sparkle in the sun.
The formula of all three was a pretty sheer but it's totally buildable and you can achieve a full coverage with three thin coats.The color range in Cosmic Kisses is really beautiful and I think the holo micro glitter is a nice touch to it.
For the photos below I'm wearing three coats of Cosmic Kisses and a top coat.

Love The Hue is a multichrome polish that shifts to a variety of blues, purples, fuchsias, reds and golds tones.
I think this must my me favorite one of this trio, I'm really a fan of these dark blue-purple multichromes, and the color shifting of this one was really beautiful.
Formula wise it was sheer as well but easy to apply and with three coats I got it completely opaque.
For the photos below I'm wearing three coats of Love The Hue alone.

Toe-Tally Cosmic is a multichrome polish with a green base and color shifting effect from greens to blues, purples, reds and gold.
This one was very unique and interesting to me, like nothing I've seen before. This shade is so versatile and it completely changes in different lighting that sometimes you can't even tell it's the same polish. Although normally I'm not a big fan of green shades on me, this one was really amazing!
For the swatches below I'm wearing three coats of Toe-Tally Cosmic.

The multichrome shades from Polish Me Silly that I've got to try so far are truly spectacular and eye catching. Their effect is really beautiful even on their own, but from swatches I've seen of these over a black base, they are even prettier!
These colors are available for purchase at the Polish Me Silly Etsy store in mini (9ml / $7.5) and full size (15ml / $11.5), worldwide shipping available.
Also be sure to check Polish Me Silly social media links for more beautiful handmade nail polish from Karin & Lexi!

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  1. Such great shades! Love the flashes :)

  2. those are so much fun! cosmic kisses is my favourite :)

  3. Looovvveee your swatches...they are soooo gorgeous!!!! Thanks for such incredible reviews! You RoCk!!!!!
    xoxo...Karin & Lexi...polish me silly

  4. I love multichromes! :D You have such nice swatches :)

  5. איזה מיוחדים הם :)

  6. I actually just got the last two of these (and three others) in the mail on Friday, fun coincidence! I've got Holy Shift on now and it is exactly as amazing as the rest of them, unsurprisingly. These are great :D

  7. Your pictures are SO good!

  8. Oh no, please, not another lemming! ç____ç

  9. amazeballs photos!!
    אני עוקבת אחרייך זמן מה, אבל זו ההזדמנות לומר שהבלוג שלך הוא פשוט ברמה אחרת, וכל כך מגיע לך השאפו על תוכן, אסתטיקה וצילום! ממש תענוג!