Swatch & Review: Zoya Magical Pixie Collection

March 22, 2014

Hello ladies! It's been a while since my last decent swatches post, and today I have the Magical Pixie Collection from Zoya to share with you. I got this trio about two weeks ago with a help of a friend, and although I waited for a long time to finally get them (and in this time I changed my mind about this collection a hundred times) I though now is a good time as any to try them out and let you know what I thought of this collection.

Zoya Magical Pixie is a new textured collection consists of large and small holographic glitter. Unlike Zoya's previous textured polishes (Pixie Dust), these dry to a much chunkier and gritty finish.
When Zoya launched this collection they announced that these are the first of a kind textured polishes to contain holographic glitter, but for me this announcement felt a bit odd since I know that OPI's Get Your Number also contains holographic glitter, and it was released a long long time ago.
Putting this fact aside, this collection is pretty different and looked interesting enough for me to give it a try.

Zoya Cosmo is described as a neutral silver holographic polish with a textured finish, but for me the color seemed as a champagne color. The polish itself is packed with glitter in a clear base, and the application was a bit tricky with this formula. I think it's best to apply them in a dabbing motion rather then in regular strokes. 
The first coat dried with a weird finish, but the second coat looked much nicer. It's not a full coverage formula and in a closer look (macro) you can notice the color changes where the free edge of the nail starts.
The holographic glitter was way more impressive in person than in the photos, but you can still get a glimpse at that beautiful sparkle in the macro shots.

Zoya Lux is a rose holographic polish with a textured finish. The formula was exactly the same as the one in Cosmo, only Lux has a slightly tinted rose base color. Here as well it was pretty hard to get it opaque with just two coats, but I felt like the third coat with this formula won't do any good.
The color was very nice both in the bottle and on the nails, but the gritty finish felt a bit too rough for me.

Zoya Vega is a pale aqua version of the same textured holographic polish, but with a much pigmented formula. Vega was the only color out of these three that you could get a full coverage with two coats.
The color was also very nice and the holographic sparkle was more noticeable against this darker base color.

If I had to sum this collection up, I would say that I had high expectations for it and I ended up being quite disappointed. For me the texture of this collection felt way too gritty and uncomfortable to wear because of the rough finish it dried to. It is a pity that I couldn't get it opaque with two coats (and three would have been way too much for this kind of polish). The colors were very nice and the holographic effect is impressive and eye catching in person, but for me it wasn't worth it. I ended up liking this collection in the bottles way more than on the nails. If Zoya will ever come up with a refined version of this holographic textured effect, I would be curious to try it, but I will probably skip any new colors with this texture line in the future.
I'm curious to hear what you thought of this collection and this textured effect. Hope you found this review useful and interesting. Thanks for reading!

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  1. There so pretty and sparkly! I like them a lot.

  2. all are beautiful! Gorgeous swatch!

  3. All three look amazing, especially the rose one

  4. Your swatches are always so amazing, I enjoy them on their own. But I also appreciated hearing your thoughts about the collection. I've also been eyeing them, but I think I may pass and get the Awaken collection instead. Thanks for the honest review!

  5. I already bought the Lux and I love it! This my new favourite nail polish. It's very beautiful and unique....

  6. Красивый обзор! Cosmo покорил!

  7. After one day of wear the catching on everything stops. I think some of the grittiness comes off. I personally feel like the beauty is worth it.

  8. I really did not like these in any swatches. Suddenly I changed my mind :D! Great pictures dear.

  9. Great swatches and beautiful manicures. These are the only textured polishes I've tried. I agree about the finish so I decided to add a topcoat. I used 2 coats of Monet and had an awesomely, glittering manicure. That's the only way I'd wear these again.

  10. Love these. I am wearing a color combo very similar to the pink version of this, but I too dislike the gritty feeling. Even with multiple clear coats over the glitter, I'm still not thrilled, but I do love the sparkle!