ILNP Fall 2014 - Iconic, Champagne Blush & Homecoming

September 22, 2014

Today I have some swatches of ILNP Fall 2014 collection! I've already shared with you a sneak peek of this collection on the blog before, but now it's time for some proper swatches!
In today's post I will be showing you three out of eleven colors available in the Fall 2014 collection:
(L-R) Iconic, Champagne Blush & Homecoming
Keep on reading to get a closer look at these beautiful holo bombs!

The three colors I picked to show first are probably the most interesting - well at least for me, although the entire collection is absolutely fabulous! All of these have the same beautiful scattered holographic effect with a mysterious golden sheen, which I think is such an interesting addition to the standard holo finish. 
The tiny golden flakes make the polish appear so pretty in low light, iy even creates a sort of a foil finish, and then of course the holo effect bursts out when sun light appears.
I tried to take my swatch photos somewhere in between, to allow both the holo and the gold flakes appear side by side.
For my first two swatches I used 3 light coats, except for Homecoming which was opaque with just two coats. No top coat was applied. So let's get a closer look at today's picks!

Iconic is an exquisitely captivating gold holographic polish with an incredible amount of depth to it.
Iconic is beautiful and classy indoors and unbelievably dazzling in the sun!
If you've been searching for a knock-your-socks-off, deep champagne gold polish, Iconic is not to be missed!

Champagne Blush - Finally! An amazing rose gold holographic polish with personality!
The lovely Champagne Blush is a sophisticated vintage pink holographic polish enveloped by a wonderfully crisp gold hue. 
This polish is a serious stunner that will without a doubt blow your mind in any type of lighting!

Homecoming is a gorgeous deep eggplant purple holographic polish stuffed with gold flakes for a unique finish.
The precise touch of gold in Homecoming really sets it apart from similar polishes. You'll definitely fall in love after the first stroke!

Honestly, it's hard to decide which color I loved the most out of these three! I kind of lean to Homecoming, but that's because I love a good dark purple. On the other hand, Iconic and Champagne Blush are so beautiful and unique, so it's really hard to choose one.
Have you tried any of the new Fall colors? Do you already have a favorite? Please share!

The holographic shades from the ILNP Fall 2014 Colletion retail for $10, available for purchase at

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  1. Aaah amazing pictures!
    I think I like Iconic best from the trio, because this cold golden shade is quite unique :)


  2. Wow, that looks so beautiful! Great job. Have a beautiful Tuesday dear! <3

  3. These are really holo bombs! I would like to have all of them, but the purple one stole my heart! :-)

  4. I love Iconing and Champagne Blush! They both look super awesome. With all the lovely polishes coming out this fall, I'll surely be having to make some hard decisions :D

  5. That purple shade is so so beautiful on you!