ILNP Fall 2014 Collection Sneak Peek

August 11, 2014

Hello ladies! Today I have a sneak peek of the upcoming ILNP Fall 2014 collection to share with you. I just picked it up from the post office and I had to share this beauty with you girls right away!
The new collection consists of 11 colors; 6 new holos, 3 untra-chromes with holo effect, 1 new ultra-chrome and a linear holo version of the previously released Mega
This collection totally blew my mind away! There are so many gorgeous colors that I can't wait to try on.
The new ILNP Fall collection will be available for pre-order on August 15th. 
There's also a huge GIVEAWAY for 5 full sets at ILNP Facebook page so be sure to sign up for a chance to win this amazing collection!
So are you excited about this new ILNP Fall collection like I am?
Let me know which colors you are most excited about and would like to see me swatch first.

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  1. How exciting! There looking gorgeous already.

  2. Black Orchid and Champagne Blush, please!

  3. Okay, I haven't even seen a single swatch of these but am completely in love. Stunning collection!

  4. I'm just not too much into holo and duo-chrome but I know how aaawesome they will look on your nails!

  5. the polishes look beautiful, all of them :) tho I think I'm most excited about the teal (as usual) and the orange :)

  6. מושלם! מחכה בקוצר רוח לראות את הסווטצ'ים אצלך

  7. Be still my beating heart! Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to see the swatches