Lavido's Aromatic Body Oil & Body Scrub

December 16, 2014

Keeping you skin soft and hydrated is very important during this cold season, yet not every body product that's out there meet the promise, so when I find a great product that actually works for me I tend to stick to it. After trying out these two amazing body care products from Lavido's Body and Soul line, I couldn't wait to tell you all about how much I loved them! Keep on reading to find out which are my new favorite essentials this season.

Lavido's Aromatic Body Scrub* is probably the best scrub I've tried so far. Usually I'm not a big fan of body scrubs and I find them to be quite gritty and harsh on my skin, but this delicate scrub feels very nice on the skin thanks to it's fine gritted Dead Sea salts. This body scrub contains a generous amount of great organic oils such as the sweet almond and patchouli oils, enriching the skin with the best of natural and organic ingredients.
The sweet Patchouli and Vanilla scent of this scrub is simply divine! Naturally I would go for a more fresh or a fruity scent, but this scrub totally made me fall in love with it's lovely aroma and now I'm a huge fan on the Patchouli & Vanilla combo.
The best way to describe this body scrub would probably be as a two-in-one product - The sea salts do a fantastic job renewing the skin and the oils in it are extremely nourishing, so there's really no need to apply any additional lotions or oils after using it. I find it to be extremely gentle and I enjoy using it even as a hand scrub, it leaves my hands so soft and hydrated, as if I just got a pampering spa treatment.

Lavido's Aromatic Body Oil* from the Patchouli & Vanilla range is another great product I've been enjoying lately. On days I don't use the body scrub and I want to give my body a nourishing boost, I use this amazing body oil. With the same pleasant Patchouli & Vanilla aroma, this body oil hydrates and softens my skin for many longs hours. Unlike other body oils that I've tried, this oil actually keeps hydrating the skin throughout the day / night and you can really feel it's soothing aroma-therapeutic qualities.
Lavido's products are enriched with organic ingredients and oils from the nature, and this Aromatic Body Oil is a great example for it. Among it's ingredient you can find various nourishing oils such as Sweet Almond oil, Grape Seed oil, Jojoba oil, Soybean oil, and the Patchouli oil which is known for it's stress relieving and passion increasing qualities.
I've been using this body oil on a daily basis on dry areas of my body like legs, knees and elbows. After a few weeks' use I've noticed that my skin got much softer and elastic. Another thing that I really love about this oil is it's plastic bottle which makes it travel safe, so that's a nice plus for me in a great skincare product.

I've been really enjoying these two products so much that I would definitely recommend them to anyone who's looking to treat their body with a nourishing aromatherapy boost.
I think that Lavido's products are a great gift for anyone who can appreciate a good skincare product, so if you are looking to treat your loved ones or even yourself, be sure to take advantage of Lavido's sale for this holiday's season:
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*PR Sample

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