The Miracle Of Eight Oils

December 23, 2014

To celebrate the holidays seasons with the ending Chanukah and the beginning of Christmas festivities, I thought it'd be a great opportunity to share with you my impressions of eight miraculous oils for this winter. Keep reading to find out what were my toughs on some of the most popular beauty oils out there.

Starting with the first body oil I purchased, Garnier Body Ultimate Regenerating Oil - I was curious to try a product that's quite new to me, yet I was looking for an inexpensive option, so Garnier was the obvious choice. Unfortunately it wasn't as great as I expected it to be; the consistency was ok and not too oily, but the synthetic fragrance of this oil wasn't appealing and I kept on looking...
Looking into my forgotten beauty stash I found the C. Boots Honey Almond Nourishing Dry Oil Mist which I got a long time ago in one of my beauty boxes. Surprisingly I liked it thanks to it's fine mist sprayer and the light and fast absorbing consistency. It's sweet almond-y scent is quite strong yet pleasant, and while it's a multi-purpose oil for the body, face and hair, I enjoy using it mostly on my face because of it's light and nourishing formula.
While we're in the multi-purpose oils department, I was curious to try the well known and much raved about oils from brands like Nuxe and Caudalie, and what a better way to try a products than a travel size? I got the Caudalie Huile Divine and the Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse in a mini size with a couple of gift sets I purchase online which came along with some other goodies for me to try.
Both Caudalie and Nuxe's oils are highly praised by many beauty bloggers and after trying these I can understand why. These dry multi-purpose oils are very nourishing yet not too oily, they leave the skin soft and supple with a healthy glow. Consistency-wise they are rather similar, yet they differ in their fragrance. Despite these both oils having a sweet, warm musky scent, I find that Caudalie's oil is much more pleasant and develops nicely on my skin while Nuxe's fragrance is a bit heavier and develops on me to a scent that I would roughly describe as 'an old lady' scent. For some reason it just didn't grow on me, which is a shame because the product itself is great.
Roger & Gallet Huile Sublime Bois D'Orange is another perfumed dry oil that I could categorize with the two above. It has a similar consistency to Caudalie and Nuxe, while R&G oil has a lighter sweet woody and orange scent to it which I find to be rather nice. Putting the fragrance issues aside, I enjoy using these oils mostly for my body since I find them to be a bit too rich for my complexion.

Keeping the best for last, my currently favorite body oil is Lavido's Aromatic Body Oil (full review)  which is extremely nourishing with a revitalizing Patchouli & Vanilla aroma and most important - it's all natural and organic. I've been enjoying this oil for the past few months and my body's thankful for it. It's formula is very rich and nourishes the skin throughout the day, which is exactly what my body needs in this cold and dry season. Another great oil from Lavido is their Replenishing Facial Serum (full review) which is a highly concentrated face oil. I personally find it to bee a bit too rich for me for an everyday use, I think that it's more suitable for an older skin or a very dry complexion, but I do use it occasionally as a serum-mask for extra hydration whenever my skin needs a nourishing boost.
Another favorite of mine is the Tatcha Gold Camellia Beauty Oil (full review) which has a light and airy consistency with a fresh lemony aroma which I simply adore, I feel so luxuriously pampered whenever I use this 24k gold infused oil on my face. 

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  1. Eight oils for Chanukkah - i LOVE it! haha

  2. how many fab products...
    i love oils

  3. Omg, your blog is out of this world! So happy I found you, thanks for commenting <3
    And that Nuxe oil is irreplaceable :)

  4. I really like hair oils, I've been using Balea and Garnier ones. When it comes to facial oil I only tried a rose one but I'd love to discover some new ones :)
    Happy New Year!