Matryoshka Dolls Nails

December 11, 2012

I think everyone, including me, were waiting to see what I will come up with for my Matryoshka Dolls design. So finally I made a design using the new Nailz Craze NC03 plate, which is my Russian Themed plate, and this is what I made.

I chose to use the classic Russian colors like red, black and gold for the Matryoshka Dolls and to combine it with a neutral base color that will also go as the faces of the dolls.
It wasn't as easy as I imagined it would be, and I did try different combinations which did not work for me at first, but finally I came up with this design which I think is really cute.

I started with my favorite nude color Essence Iced Latte and applied two coats of it. I used the larger doll design that's placed in the middle of the plate, and stamped the top part of it on the index, middle and ring fingers. On the pinky I stamped the medium sized doll since this nail is much smaller for me. I used dark red Chic 270 which is an old polish I had and it was very thick, so I did struggle with it a bit but this is the only red I had that worked for stamping and was opaque enough. 
For the thumb I first stamped the bottom part of the large doll to use it as a guideline. I used Barry M Gold Foil, then filled the inner lines with it and let it dry. Once it was dry, I stamped that same part with WnW Black Creme and aligned it as close as I could to fir the first stamping (which unfortunately wasn't really aligned to the nail itself). That way I got the gold to show underneath the black stamping but it didn't come out from the sides.

I used a dotting tool for the eyes and added black polish, since the eyes were originally stamped with red polish. I tried using different colors at once for the face while stamping, but that didn't go well for me so far, but I will keep trying, hope to get it right sometime soon. Then with a pin I added tiny lines from the eyes.
With a thin brush I painted a little triangle at the bottom of each nail with black and added gold dots with a dotting tool.

The result is quite nice and I really love how playful this mani is, using the thumb you can create a Matryoshka Doll that will pop open, just like a real one :) (Saw this great idea first at wackylaki's awesome blog). I can't wait to try this design again, to use different colors and to find new ways to play with this mani.
I really hope you liked this design and I can't wait to see what you will come up with!
You can get this plate along with my other plates at my Etsy store:

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  1. Gorgeous! I can't wait to get mine! *-*

  2. I'm in awe! This look fantastic and is just perfection :)

  3. Love this!!!
    So funny with the thumb as a bottom to all dolls! :D

  4. WOW! Looks amazing! Think I shall be ordering this and the magical plate ASAP! :)

  5. This turned out great! I love it.

  6. This is A-Mah-Zing!!! I love it :)

  7. Absolutely stunning! I had been drooling over your third stamping plate for days but this mani pushed be over the edge. Bought and I couldn't be more excited till it arrives :D

  8. Wow! I love it!! going to your etsy store now!

  9. oh wow! these are soooooo cute! :)

  10. This turned out so... WOW!!! Amazing amazing amazing!!!
    I love it so much!!!!
    I think my plate has arrived. Tomorrow I'm going to the post office to see if i'm right ;-)
    And if it has - I am so going to play with it over the coming weekend!
    Thanks for the amazing inspiration!!!

  11. Cutest mani! Looks absolutely amazing!

  12. tro belle !!! je suis contante nos plaque son arivé en france hi hi supere ♥

  13. This is pure perfection! I am a HUGE FAN of your plates and will continue to be for as long as you make them.
    Your plates have real character and this is a PRIME example of that!

  14. Love it. Ordered it. Can't wait!!! :-*

  15. Incredible! They are so cuuuute! :-)