Review: Born Pretty Store - Color Changing Nail Polish

December 19, 2012

A while ago I received this color changing nail polish from Born Pretty Store for review, and I would like to share with you my thought on it.
I was very excited about this product, it's actually the first color changing nail polish I've tried. I really love the idea of it to be temperature sensitive and it's pretty invoative and cool (well, I know it's not that new but still, it was my first try with it).

You can buy it at the Born Pretty Store, along with other colors of color changing nail polish here.
Before I received it I saw some swatches of this nail polish on other blogs, and I saw that the polish inside the bottle looked like some kind of water marbling, like the colors weren't mixed good, so I knew what to expect when I got my polish.
As you can see in the first photo, the colors in the bottle are some kind of mixture of blue and purple, but I guess it's ok if others had this as well.

The application was ok, the brush was a bit short but I managed with it nicely. I needed two coats for a good coverage. The polish dries matte or with a plastic look finish, but it seemed to me that it's taking it a bit more time to dry than regular nail polish. I also noticed that it wasn't completely smooth and had some kind of grains in it, you can see this in the photos if you look up close.

Once i dried, I dipped my fingers in a bowl with warm water and the polish instantly changed it's color to light blue. I must say this was very fun, and I liked the color changing effect. I had to hurry to take the photo because it started to change it's color back to purple, you can see at the tips of the nails that are already purple.

When I dipped my nails in a bowl with cold water, the color instantly changed back to purple. I was enjoying the effect, dipping my fingers in warm and cold water a few times, and then I was suddenly noticed that for some reason these huge bubbles were formed on my nails. I assume that the water somehow diffused underneath the polish and created this horrific look. It was a huge turn off for me, and I was disappointed to see this weirdly gross thing that happened to the nail polish. I started thinking back, maybe I did something wrong, I don't know... Basically applied it on bare clean nails, and waited for it to dry completely for about 5-10 minutes. I have no idea why this happened, I guess it might be this one polish that gone bad, since the other's swatches and reviews I saw were ok.

So.. This is my unfortunate experience with this polish. I think I will give it another try, and see if this will happen again or not. I'm thinking that a top coat might prevent this from happening but it didn't say I had to apply one so... I don't know.
I wouldn't say you can't try this yourself, I really think that this problem is really rare and not suppose to happen.
Have you tried this polish or something similar? What did you think about it?

Important update: I've been told that you do have to use a top coat with this polish to prevent thing like this from happening, so I will try this soon again and will let you know how it goes :)

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  1. Never heard of anything like that. Pretty cool. Your blog's outlook is sweet. Please follow me as I try to gather a small community and learn nail art.

  2. I don't think the polish went bad; I think dipping the polish quickly in warm, then cold, then warm water caused gas expansion. Hot temperatures cause gases to expand and cold temperatures cause gases to contract. (^_^)

  3. I got the same polish and noticed that it has a very strange smell -nothing like a normal nail polish -almost like the kind that come in children's pretend make up kits and are water based so they will be safer in case they are ingested?! -The ingredients were not in English so I couldn't check to see what was different either. I don't know what is with them but both color I got didn't dry at all, and when I put one on a nail wheel I had to blast it with a hair dryer to finally get it to dry fully! -needless to say I wish other reviews had mentioned that this wasn't a normal polish at all!

  4. Actually I made a couple of polishes with this effect and mine wasn't this gritty when it dried.
    It also dries matte or rubber-like and thus needs a top coat IMO. However, because I have rather long nails and my hands are usually hot, I didn't have to play with water to see the effect. Almost all the time the part of my nail that touches my fingers got the lighter color and the tips of my nails were left dark. And I never got those bubbles :-(
    But I personally think there's not much more to it then a Gimmic so I am now trying to experiment with all sort of additives to it ;-)

    Anyway, great review!! Thank you!!!

  5. I also have that polish and this was my first try with colour changing polish ever. I was so happy the effect of changing colours was so strong that I didn`t focused on the negatives of the polish- such as its strange consistance and that it peeled off of my nails quicker than I ever thought... I never got bubbles though. I have 3 more colours of the same polish and they are all the same- something like latex is in the bottles :/ Anyways, here are my pics if you want to see them. :)-