Review: Born Pretty Stamping Plate m66

December 26, 2012

Today I'm going to share with you another review I did, this time for the fauxnad stamping plate m66 I got from Born Pretty Store
You can get this plate at this ling for $2.99 at this link.

I was excited to try this plate and wanted to re-create a design I saw a while back ago at Picchi's Nails blog. I really loved the colors combination she used and I was even inspired to get this pretty Essence glitter for it :)

When I got the plate I was disappointed to see that the etching and the details weren't clear enough. From far it looks like it's quite good but when I looked up closely it had a lot of fine details missing. I don't know if all the plates are like this, but the one I got wasn't good quality in my opinion. I wish it was more delicate, as the original design, but instead it came out a bit chunky and unclear.

The plate came with a protective film and has no backing paper, but I don't mind that at all. I've never got a cut from plates with no backing so that didn't bother me. Plate's size is 5.5 cm in diameter.

To create this design I started with two coats of Essie She's Picture Perfect which is a violet creme with delicate pink shimmer. Then I applied on the tips a few coats of Essence It's Purplicious (old version) which is a colorful mix of small glitters in a clear base. I wanted it to looks like a glitter gradient but I don't think I did a great job there. Then I applied one coat of Poshe to smooth it out and when it dried I stamped with Essence Stamp Me! White using the m66 plate I got from Born Pretty Store.
I wasn't really happy with the result. It came out very chunky. I wish that the designs were more delicate and looked more like the original plate. I hope to get another plate like this, hopefully it will have clear and crisp design on it. I really love the designs on this plate so I think it's worth giving it another chance.

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  1. Just love it!
    I like that plate but i really don`t know who to use it.
    I love that bambum graphic.


  2. awww too bad... but almost all my fauxnads pale in comparison to the originals too, just depends on which pattern whether they come out usable or not ;)

  3. כן, למרבה הצער זו האיכות של החיקויים שלהם... מדובר בייצור זול שלא פעם נופלים בו פגמים. אני נפלתי עם דסקה חצי פגומה שבה שתי דוגמאות היו בלתי שמישות לחלוטין בגלל חריטה לא טובה, והייתי צריכה לשלוח תמונות לשירות הלקוחות שלהם כדי שיאמינו לי שהבעיה בדסקה ולא בי. בסוף שלחו לי חלופית תקינה.

    אני מבינה את התלונה שלך על הדסקה, קווי המתאר נראים עבים ולא עדינים כמו בבלוג שקישרת אליו. עם זאת, צריך לקחת בפרופורציות; אלה דקויות שרואים רק מקרוב (או רק מי שיודע להשוות) ועדיין יצא מניקור יפה ומושקע, אני בטוחה שמי שלא קפדן כמונו התלהב מאוד ללא סייגים. :-)