My Nail Polish Collection

December 17, 2012

Finally I took the time (or shall I say the day?) to take pictures of my whole collection and share it with you ladies. I can't believe I've manages to get all of this within only half a year. That's just crazy lol! I had so much fun collection these polishes, and I had some lovely polish buddies that were kind enough to help me and send me polishes from all around the globe.
Within this time I've collected many of my most desired polishes, and just when I think I have them all, there's always something new pupping out and I add it to my wish list. 
I guess I will continue adding new stuff to my stash along the way (I already have about 20 new polishes that are on their way to me...) but it will not be as crazy as it was so far.
I hope you will enjoy my collection, and if you have any requests for swatches please let me know and I'll do my best to share them with you.
So here's my colorful collection :)

Barry M
L-R: Gold Foil, Peach Melba, Pink Flamingo, Neon Pink, Burgundy
Croc Effect, Black Multi Glitter, Aqua Glitter, Indigo

L-R: Icy Princess, Sure Azure, A Lovely Secret, Gleam In Blue
 You belong to me, Choose Me, Blue Addicted, Where is the party
Stamp Me! white

L-R: Make it golden, Irreplaceable, Falling in Love, Iced Latte
Break Through, Time for romance

L-R: Party Princess, Ultimate Pink, Naughty and Pink
Modern Romance, Grey-t to be here

L-R: Julia, Spell Bound! Magnetic, It's Purplicious, Circus Confetti
 Peel Off base coat

L-R: Jag-u-are, Watermelon, Bachelorette Bash, Plumberry
 Jamaica Me Crazy, Recessionista, Skirting the issue

L-R: A Crewed Interest, Fiji, Sure Shot, Sexy Divide, She's Picture Perfect

L-R: Penny Talk, No Place Like Chrome, As Gold AS It Gets
A cut Above, Stroke Of Brilliance

L-R: 298, 274, 220, 261, 605, 278

China Glaze
L-R: White Cap, Pink Plumeria, Ahoy, Ruby Pumps
Skyscraper, Ghoulish Glow

L-R: Gilded Coral, Pixy Stix, Miss Conduct, Devil My Care
Can't Be Tamed, Space Cadet, Sea Gurl

L-R: Because You're Worth It, Breaking Curfew, Violet Vixen
 Butterfly Kisses, Spice Things Up, Versailles Romance
 Mauvelous, Satin Sheets, Grecian Goddess

L-R: Electra, Jem, Paloma, Katherine, Frida

L-R: Shrimp Cajun, The One That Got Away, Teenage Dream
Last Friday Night, Not Like the Movies

L-R: Pirouette My Whistle, I Have a Herring Problem

L-R: Deep Ruby, Strawberry, Violet, Sky Blue
Color Club
L-R: Pretty In Platinum, Winter Affair glitter - no name
Glitter Wonderland, Ulterior Motive, Daisy Does It

Nature Angel
L-R: 024, 038, 013, 040, 105, 116

L-R: Strawberry Yoghurt, Marshmallow, Fashion Fuchsia, Fascination
Caprice, Rodeo Drive

L-R: Purple Empire, Mint Green, Gray Beige, Nude Luxe

L-R: 235, 315, 312, 278, 304, 280

Maybelline Colorama
L-R: Candy Frost, Coral Rose, Peach Cocktail, Fruit Roll Up
Cherry Sweet, Tart

L-R: Kings Road, Mayfair, Seahorse, Shade 7, Shade 14
Amaretto Crush, Pistachio Icecream, Shade 1

Pure Ice

L-R: Mint Dream, Twinkle, Stunning, Rio, Temptress, Busted
No Means No, Temptress, Cheatin

L-R: Black Fog, White Flag, Sexy Emerald, Yellow Submarine

Beauty Care
L-R: 08, 93, 22, 14

L-R: Genius In The Bottle, Dirty Berry, Heavy Metallilac

Sally Hansen
L-R: Byte, Laser, Spectrum

L-R: Gold Chrome, Silver Chrome, Turquoise Chrome
Purple Chrome, Fuchsia Chrome

Sinful Colors & Spoiled
L-R: Sinful Colors - Let's Talk, Pinky Glitter, Timbleberry
Spoiled - Breakfast in Red

L-R: Mocha Gold, Purple Stone, Crystal Pearl Topcoat

Wet n Wild
L-R: A Show At The Palladium, I Need a Refresh-Mint , Black Creme

L-R: Starry Pink, Whimsical

Nfu Oh
L-R: 51, 50

L-R: 2010, Violet Sparkle

Butter London
L-R: West And Wonderland, Knackered

Catherine Arley
L-R: 676, 805

Maisie Shine
L-R: Wonderland, Nice

L-R: Deja Vu, Sedocao Rosa


L-R: Models Own - Indian Ocean, Hard Candy - Sky
Lime Crime - Milky Ways, Hits - Cutie Pie, Cover Band - Stick n' Stones

L-R: Maybelline - Gold All Night, Milani - Red Sparkle
MINI - Rock'n Red, NYX Girls - Sunshine Pink 

L-R: Klean Color - Military Green, L'oreal - Owls Night
L'oreal - Mystic Blue, P2 - Blue's Time

L-R: Funky Fingers - Power Play, Almay - Ripe Plum, Cliche - Exotico
Cliche - Persa, Biguine - Lilas Spirit

L-R: Dong Dong 31, Selene127, Sally Girl - Orange, Cherry, Lime, Coconut

L-R: Luci Darling 02, GK 734A, Prorance 806
 Skinfood Party Tox - Black Party

L-R: Golden Rose Holo - 105, Shaka - Hologram Silver
Spectraflair Holo Top Coat 35
Base & Top Coat
L-R: Seche Vite Top Coat, Poshe Top Coat, Nail Tek Foundation 2
Chic Matte Top Coat, GA-DE hardner

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  1. Ohhhh I want it all... great collection!

  2. Too scared to take pics ofy 600... it'd take far too long & make me ashamed of myself!

  3. וואו הכל נראה מעולה! עברתי על הפוסט פעמיים ובחנתי את הצבעים (ועשיתי רשימת קניות!) ורק בסוף הבנתי שמשהו היה חסר לי - אין OPI!!
    בהחלט אוסף יוצא דופן ;-)

  4. Nice collection!!
    I added a few to my shopping list ;-)

  5. Love seeing stash posts. Thanks for sharing!

    No Nails Inc though :-o

  6. awesome collection! i'm so jealous of your barry m and kiko polishes--wish we had them over here!

  7. I love your collection, you have a nice assortment of brands and colors <3 And you have Pupa holos! I love mine! I randomly stumbled upon them on a trip to a close city, they're soo pretty and they kinda started my holo addiction haha (I just wish the bottle wasn't so tiny :x)

  8. Wow, what a collection! I haven't even begun to own that many beautiful polishes.

  9. What a great collection. Wow it must have took you ages to photograph all of your lacquers. I like te idea doh

  10. I love this kind of posts :) I can lust over the pictures ^^

  11. You have a lot of lovely polishes x

  12. Wow, I love this! Just wondering though, have you done a swatch of China Glaze As Gold As It Gets?

  13. Very nice collection, I love the varied assortment of brands and colors

  14. מצדיעה לך על הסבלנות לצלם. אין לי את זה. אוסף מגוון ויפה

  15. Nice collection!! now I want to photo my collection :)

  16. Wow ! That's amazing ! O.o

    You should try Mavala's nailpolish too ! ^^

  17. Wow, ich habe ja auch einige zu Hause, aber so viele wie du auf keinen Fall. Einfach toll.