Color Club - Berry And Bright

April 14, 2013

I decided I needed this one after seeing it on Natalia's blog a while back ago, it just looked fabulous on her and the mattified version looked stunning. So finally I had the chance to try Color Club Berry And Bright from the Holiday 2012 Winter Affair Collection.

Color Club Berry And Bright is a beautiful red berry, I'm not sure how to define the finish of this color - it's some sort of combination of tiny flakes and metallic finish. The color was a bit different from what I expected, it has a more red tone while I was hoping to get something more pinkish, but still it's a lovely color.
Application was quite streaky for me with this one, I found that the formula of this polish wasn't really pleasant to work with and it was really thick. The coverage was nice with one coat, but a second coat was needed for a perfect look. In the images below you can see two coats of Berry And Bright, the first two photos are with no top coat so is the last one, and all the rest of them are with matte top coat. 
I really wanted to achieve the gorgeous velvety look I saw on Natalia's blog but I guess I didn't mattified it enough. I did like the look of it better with the matte coat, but now when I look at the photos again, it doesn't look really matte in some photos. I guess I should have been more generous with my matte top coat, but still - it's a lovely polish. I think I will keep this one for next Christmas since it has that lovely look of a Christmas ornament.

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