Color Club Halo Hues 2013 - Miss Bliss & Beyond

April 17, 2013

Today I'm going to share with you swatches of two gorgeous holographic colors from the Color Club Halo Hues 2013 collection. I have reviewed before Eternal Beauty from this collection, a gorgeous holo purple in this post, and now I'm going to share with you swatches of Miss Bliss and Beyond.

Miss Bliss is a light pink holographic polish, it has a strong holographic effect like all the polishes from Halo Hues 2013 collection. It was a bit cloudy when I took the photos so I don't think they show how gorgeous the holo effect is in real life.
The formula of this polish was great, the coverage was really good with one coat, but I always apply two coats for a stronger and fuller look. It dried really fast which was great for me, and what I really love about this holographic collection is that the colors look really great and vibrant even when they are not in direct sunlight. You can see how beautiful the holographic effect looks in every photo, especially the last one (from each color), you can actually see the holo rainbow in the bottle and on the nails. I really love this polish, and even though I have many pink holographic polishes in my collection, this one could easy be one of my favorites.

Beyond is a black holographic polish. It is very similar to Miss Bliss and has all the good qualities as I mentioned above. The holo effect is a biy less strong on this one, but still a gorgeous black holo. I have been wanting a good black holo for my stash, and I was very happy when I got this one, because it's actually really black and has a great holographic effect.
These polishes are very good for stamping as well, since they are very pigmented and their density allows to stamp a crisp image, almost like with metallic polishes.
For me these two polishes (and Eternal Beauty) are "must have" polishes from the Halo Hues collection, these are absolutely great and I think if you are a holo lover like me, you just need to have them in your collection.

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  1. I love both of these!! I love these two and Eternal Beauty. I think Color Club did an amazing job with these holos!