Swatches and Review of Indigo Bananas - Shadow & Wednesday

April 28, 2013

For today's post I have swatches of two gorgeous duo-chrome polishes by Indigo Bananas. I was very excited to review these two since they looked absolutley beautiful in the bottle, and they didn't disappoint me at all! I totally fell in love with them, and I can tell you these are stunners in real life!

Shadow is a blue/purple duo-chrome glass fleck polish in a black jelly base, I would probably say it's a multi-chrome since it has more colors to it, depending on the light. Most of the time it's blue and purple, which is simply gorgeous. The formula is really great, easy to apply and not streaky, it was truly a pleasant experience. From swatches I saw, I knew it can be layered to get a full coverage with 3 coats, but I decided to go for the quick version of layering it over one coat of black. The color is buildable so you can get the same look, maybe even deeper effect, with three coats alone. For the photos I also applied one coat of Poshes, but it wasn't really necessary because the finish was smooth and glossy without it.
The last photo is a macro shot of the bottle, so you can see how gorgeous these glass flecks are and the colors they shift within the bottle, and on the nails of curse. I think it's really noticeable in the bottle thanks to the strong curved shape. I was really happy with this photo since you can see how pretty the flecks are.

Wednesday is a is a purple/pink/gold duo-chrome / multi-chrome glass fleck polish in a black jelly base, and just as Shadow - this one was beautiful and pleasant to work with. It was a bit hard for me to catch this gorgeous effect on camera, but this is really stunning in real life and the colors changing is very noticeable. For these photos I layered one coat of Wednesday over black base and applied one coat of Poshe top. The last photo is also a macro shot of the bottle, here you can see even more of the golden color which is absolutely amazing. I love how these colors are combined in this polish, it looks so pretty!

I really enjoyed these two polishes by Indigo Bananas, these are very pretty and unique, and I would totally recommend you getting these (or any other colors from this collection) if you love this effect, because these are Ah-Mazing! ;)

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