Swatches and Review of Indigo Bananas - Executive Transvestite

April 29, 2013

I'm very excited to share with you another swatch of the Indigo Bananas Polishes, this time it's a stunning gold holographic polish form the newly released collection.

The polish I'm going to review in this post called Executive Transvestite, the flagship polish of the Executive holos. The collection is based on Eddie Izzard jokes or references (must see comedian!) , and all the holos are intended to be wearable and work appropriate.

This collection includes the following polishes: 
Executive Transvestite - a gold linear holo foil (metallic and holo at the same time) with a scattering of small gold flakies throughout.
Cake or Death - a burgundy, or darkened deep magenta, linear holographic nail polish with black flakies and a pink to purple shimmer in it.
Alcatraz -  a seafoam / dusty mint green with a hint of teal linear holo with purple shimmer - the color of the ocean around the Rock on an average foggy day.
Do You Have a Flag -  a white linear holo with a mix of four different white flecks/shimmers/mica and larger white flakies.
With a Spoon In It - a medium coffee (with milk!) brown or a dark brown leaning taupe, with two kinds of shimmer in it: a greyish brown shimmer that has a slight pink shift (giving this polish a slight pink highlight) and a gold shimmer.

Executive Transvestite is a subtle gold holographic polish with golden flecks. It's a gorgeous color and what was really interesting for me is that it looked very pretty in the shade, unlike most holo polishes which become quite dull when they don't sparkle in the sun.
This is my first gold holo polish I got to add to the collection. I always thought that gold holos are too flashy and not suitable for my skin tone, since most of then are yellow toned (which I didn't really like in gold) so I avoided getting them, but this polish is so unique and it's color really flattered my light skin tone. The great part of it, that it's totally wearable! It's not too flashy, and you still get to enjoy the holographic effect.
It's hard to see the golden flecks in the photos, but they are giving a really interesting finish and depth to this polish.  It was so pretty in the sun, but of course holos are hard to catch on camera.

For the photos I applied 3 coats of Executive Transvestite, no top coat was applied.
The formula was nice and smooth, a bit sheer but you can get a really nice coverage with three coats, or two thick coats. You can also apply it as a top coat over a similar color.

There was also a really cute surprise that came with the package, an acrylic laser-cut ring with Indigo Banans logo. I thought it was totally awesome, what a cool gift! ;)

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