Cadillacquer - "Breaking Bad" Collection Part 1

October 14, 2013

I am happy to share with you some gorgeous polishes from the Cadillacquer - "Breaking Bad" collection. This collection includes twelve interesting colors, and I was generously given six of them to review and share with my dear readers.
The polishes and the name labels are inspired by the TV series Breaking Bad and they retail for 12.50 USD. Be sure to take a look at the rest of the colors from the new collection here.
In this post I will be showing you my swatches of these three gorgeous colors: (L-R) There's No Better Reason, Blowfish and  I'm The One Who Knows.

There's No Better Reason is a dark ash base with gold shimmer and a gorgeous scattered holo effect. I even noticed that in shade, the beautiful golden shimmer looks a bit like tiny green flakes that merge nicely to the base color, giving it a green undertone.
I needed only two coats of this color to get it completely opaque, and topped it with one coat of Poshe to add it some shine, which made the shimmer pop and look fantastic.

Blowfish is a very light green, tho I really want to describe it as a light gray with a green tint. It has a delicate and lovely effect that unfortunately was very hard for me to capture on camera. It contains tiny flakes that change their color from blue to pink and a scattered holo effect that is more noticeable in the bottle than on the nails. I find this color very interesting and it actually reminds me of a gloomy sky before it rains.
This color was a bit on the sheer side so I needed three coats for full coverage, and applied one coat of Poshe.

I'm The One Who Knocks! is a dark green with light green shimmer, such a beautiful combination that I would love to call 'forest green'. I have seen comparisons of this polish side by side with A England Dragon, and I can tell you this is a worthy opponent, tho beautiful on it's own.
The formula of this polish was great and I only needed two coats for complete coverage, and to add it more shine I applied one coat of Poshe.

Overall I was very impressed with the colors I've got to try so far, I found these colors very interesting and unique, and I actually have to admit I don't have anything like them in my (400+) nail polish collection. I really enjoyed their formula and application, and tho Blowfish seemed a bit too sheer at first, I got surprisingly good results with three thin coats.
Application was a pleasure as well, thanks to the flat and relatively slim brush, tho the ridges on the caps were a bit painful to deal with when closed firmly. 

Cadillacquer "Breaking Bad" collection can be purchased at along with other beautiful collections, worldwide shipping available.
Cadillacquer is 3 free and cruelty free, handmade nail polish from Switzerland.
Be sure to follow Cadillacquer on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates and more great nail polish!

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  1. самый светлый ну очень понравился! но и остальные тоже хороши конечно же)

  2. Blowfish is beautiful, and I love the name of the 3rd one :) and ofc awesome pictures as always!

  3. Bonsoir, ils sont vraiment très beaux :)

  4. This Blowfish is so cute, isn't it?
    Eva -

  5. These photos are beautiful Natalie!

  6. beautiful lacquers) I liked every one of them)

    1. I agree, the creator did a great job with these!

  7. I was going to say that I loved the light grey shad... but when I saw the green one, my heart jumped!
    They are gorgeous!!!

  8. I'm the one who knocks is really pretty!

  9. Beautiful.. My favourite is There's No Better Reason :-)