Halloween Spiderwebs

October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween everyone!
Oh how I wish we had this awesome holiday here in Israel, it always looks so fun and I just love the spooky decorations and costumes.
So I thought I should try to create another Halloween inspired nail art while I still can, and this is what I came up with.

I created this textured spiderwebs nail art with black and orange textured polishes, and stamped silver spiderwebs design over it. I really love how this turned out, and I hope you'll like it too. 
My previous Halloween manicure got many great comments and was shared by so many people, which I really appreciate and was super happy about by the way, so thank you all so much!

For this manicure I used two textured polishes - Zoya Destiny and Chic Sugar Baby 07, and created a gradient with these two colors. This was my first attempt creating a gradient with textured polishes, I was prepared for a hard and messy work but this turned out to be quite easy. I decided to use a bit different technique for this, I painted each half of the nail with a different color. Once the polish was relatively dry, I sponged both colors over the middle to merge the colors. I have to admit that I am pretty pleased with this gradient.
Once the base was dry, I stamped a spiderweb design from Bunny Nails HD04 plate with Essie No Place Like Chrome. I didn't use any top coat for this design to preserve the textured effect.

I wanted to show you a little closeup of Chic Sugar Baby 07, just to show you that it's not a regular black sand polish, but it actually consist of tiny shreds of glitter / micro flakes in various colors like orange, blue and pink, all mixed up in a black jelly base. I tried to capture the polish on the brush so you could see how beautiful and interesting this colors is. When it dries it also shows all these colors, but it's a bit hard to capture. A while ago I posted a macro shot of this polish on Instagram, so you can check this photo to get a better idea of how this polish looks like.

I hope you liked my Halloween nail art, and that you are having a wonderful and fun holiday!
I would love to hear what you think about this design, also feel free to share with me your Halloween manicures, I would love to see what you are wearing on your nails for this holiday.
Thank you for reading!

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  1. Wonderful design! Today on my nails is KBShimmer "Witch way?" ( deep grape color with holographic glitters)

  2. Amazing!
    I'd love Halloween to be more popular here, in Poland too!
    Anyway, happy Halloween:))

  3. Круто! Обожаю твои дизайны!!

  4. Very beautiful nail!
    happy Halloween!!!

  5. I LOVE this!! such a Gorgeous mani!!

  6. Happy Halloween! This looks fantastic :)

  7. I love this manicure Natalie! :) But I trust it will be oh so hard to surpass your *amazing* previous purple halloween one lol :p I wish Halloween was celebrated here like it is in USA... at this time people there are starting to get dressed or are already in parties! :) Happy halloween! Kisses,


  8. Looks amazing! I love the textured feel with your spider web design! :)

  9. Hello dear :) Happy Halloween! beautiful blog and amazing nails :) I follow you with pleasure on GFC, bloglovin, facebook and instagram, if you want to pass me by :)

    Discount code for Halloween!


    kiss Tea

  10. До чего же красиво, очень нравится!!!


  11. So cool! I love stamping over textured polishes!

  12. Também acredito que o halloween seja muito divertido, mas aqui no Brasil não comemoramos :/
    Sua nail art ficou perfeita, as cores e a carimbada, realmente incrível!

  13. Cool! :-) I love the gradient and the spider-web is perfect! :-)