FUN Lacquer Princess Collection Part 2 - Jasmine, Ariel and Cinderella

October 21, 2013

In today's post I am going to share with you another trio from the Princess Collection by FUN Lacquer. For this time I chose three colors in blue and green tones, these colors just look like they can work great as ombre skittle mani, and of course they are beautiful on their own.
This time I decided to skip to top coat part, I felt like these colors had a bit more shine to them. and I felt like the glossy finish didn't really translate to the photos from the previous post.
These colors also had a quite subtle holographic effect, but I find that with these colors he effect is more impressive in person.

Jasmine is a light turquoise that leans more to the blue tones. Compared to the two colors in this post, this one has a relatively stronger holographic effect.
This color reminded me of Pupa Sky Blue, although I find that Pupa had a stronger effect.
For the photos below I applied two coats, no top coat.

Ariel is a turquoise base with a delicate holographic effect. The macro shot of the sparkly effect in the first photo just looks like mermaid's tail, and I think this color is a perfect match to it's name.
I applied two coats, the formula was great and opaque, but I was disapointed to find out it left my nails badly stained. I admit - I didn't wear any base coat underneath it (as I do now with all my swatches) but it stained my nails pretty bad, and I only wore it for about ten minutes or so. I would strongly recommend wearing it with a good base coat or even two, just to be sure.

Cinderella is sky blue base with a subtle holo effect. It's a lovely color, although the holographic effect is barely noticeable in my photos.
I was surprised to find that it had a quite opaque formula, so I only needed two coats here as well.

The Princess Collection by FUN Lacquer is available for purchase at their Etsy store and at their Facebook store
The full size bottles retail for $13 (16.7ml) and the minis for $7.5 (7ml), shipped worldwide from Singapore.
Be sure to check their social media links for more beautiful polishes ans swatches.

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  1. все красивейшие!! мои любимые оттенки)

  2. Uauu... Cinderella is so beautiful...
    I love all of them, but this blue is amazing... very lovely...
    Eva -

  3. The Ariel is to die for! Amazing color! Perfect for the summer time)
    And your manicure is really gorgeous)