FUN Lacquer Princess Cellection Part 1 - Belle, Tiana and Pocahontas

October 19, 2013

Today I have the first part of the Princess Collection by FUN Lacquer swatches and review, this is a lovely holographic collection that is inspired by Disney's princesses and includes 11 colors.
FUN Lacquer is an indie and handmade brand that is located in Singapore. This collection is available in a full size bottles (16.7ml) and a mini size (7ml) for your choice, and they are shipped worldwide from Singapore.

In the first part I will show you three of the colors from this collection, which I also think are beautiful colors which are suitable for fall. These colors have a medium holographic effect, not too strong but more subtle effect. These surprised my by having a great formula, I got a great coverage with just two coats, even with lighter colors. I have noticed that most of the colors dried with a matte effect, so I applied a one coat of Poshe top coat to give it a pretty and glossy finish.
I received the entire collection to review and share it with you, and I can tell you these colors are even prettier in real life. 
So let's get to the FUN part of this post, the swatches of these beautiful colors!

Belle is a gold holographic polish, it has a lovely warm tone to it which I really like in gold polishes.
The scattered holo effect is subtle but lovely non the less.
For these photos I applied two coats of FUN Lacquer Belle and one coat of Poshe.

Tiana is a light green holo with yellow undertones, a very light and fresh color. I found this color very interesting and unique, I certainty don't own anything like it in my stash.
I was surprised to see that such a light color can be completely opaque in just two coats.
This is also two coats and one coat of Poshe on top to add it some gloss.

Pocahontas is a dark brown holographic polish, I love how chocolaty and rich this color looks. This is again a very interesting color, and I think it's gorgeous for fall!
The formula was great as well, the dark color easily provided great coverage with easy two coats.
For the photos I used two coats and one coat of Poshe top.

The Princess Collection by FUN Lacquer is available for purchase at their Etsy store and at their Facebook store
The full size bottles retail for $13 (16.7ml) and the minis for $7.5 (7ml), shipped worldwide from Singapore.
Be sure to check their social media links for more beautiful polishes ans swatches.

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  1. очень круто!! особенно зеленый нравится)

  2. Oh, how beautiful are they. My favorits are the green and the brown :)

  3. Bonjour, ils sont très très beaux :)

  4. Great swatches! Tiana reminds me a lot of Pupa Light Green (#31), it's one of the few holos that I actually like on myself. And I love Pocahontas!

  5. All three are really gorgeous! Great job on your swatches... you really showed off the beauty in these. :)

    ~ Yun

  6. I am starting to dislike your blog. I want every damn polish you show us ;-)! Just too perfect ♥

  7. Beautiful and I can't get over how gorgeous your hands and nails are! I'd kill for those beautiful nails, they are so perfect in shape and everything else. :)