Cirque Colors The Kontiki Collection

August 07, 2014

Now that The Kontiki Collection by Cirque Colors is finally out, it's time share with you my swatches of these pretties! I know many of you were excited about this collection when I showed my sneak peek photos, so without further introduction let's see what's The Kontiki Collection is all about!

The Kontiki Collection is a limited edition inspired by summer, it consists of a beautiful jelly trio with a color-shifting shimmer in a vivid translucent base. Each color has it's own unique color shifting effect, and as if this wasn't enough to create a gorgeous nail color, the tiny holo glitter in this mix makes it even more spectacular! 
Formula-wise this trio surprised me with it's easy to apply formula that was opaque enough to hide the free edge of my nails with 3 coats. This collection was a pleasant surprise!

Dear Dahlia - A fuchsia jelly with multi-dimensional shimmer / 3 coats, not top coat

Midsummer Night - A cobalt blue jelly with multi-dimensional shimmer / 3 coats + top coat

Thicker Than Water - A turquoise jelly with multi-dimensional shimmer / 3 coats

The Kontiki Collections is available now at and at the Stockists page, the colors retail for $13 each.

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  1. These are lovely! What a nice collection.

  2. GORGEOUS swatches! I love them ♥.

  3. goodness, your gorgeous photos make me want to buy every nail polish!!

  4. I'm swooning over these on you! Perfection!

  5. these are all beautiful! I can't pick a favorite :)

  6. Pretty polishes, and love your new nail shape!!

  7. This collection is so extremely happy and pretty!

  8. Beautiful collection, my favourite is Thicker Than Water :-)