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August 22, 2014

Hello ladies! In today's post I'll be introducing you to another great all natural and organic brand - Lavido! Those of you who live in Israel might already be familiar with this local brand, but I'm happy to announce that Lavido are going global and their great product are now available also in the United States! I was lucky enough to try out a few products from their American launched range, and I'm glad to share my impressions with you in this post.

About Lavido USA
Established in 2003 by herbalist and aromatherapist, Ido Magal, we are the Galilee’s first organic personal care line. We combine the best raw organic ingredients sourced from around the world, and purified waters from the historic Sea of Galilee. The results are balanced, effective and luxurious blends for your face and body.
We are committed to:
* Sustainable, cruelty-free beauty practices and products.
* Sourcing the best raw organic ingredients from around the world.
* Raising the bar of natural brands, by dermatologist testing all our products and clinically testing many of our products.

My beautiful package of products arrived straight from the Galilee, where the story of Lavido begun.
I was very excited to get my Lavido experience started, and so I rushed to try out these wonderful organic products. Let me just start by saying how beautiful is Lavido's packaging design - So simple and clean, yet beautiful and luxurious. I adore the clean lines and the delicate embossing of the outer packaging, it's just another great reason to gift these product not only to your loved ones but to yourself as well.

Mandarin, Orange & Bergamot

Purify…Refresh…Stimulate your skin. Luxuriate in the aromatherapeutic qualities of organic Orange Blossom hydrosol water, cold-pressed Mandarin and Bergamot Oils. Stimulates the senses. 
Recommended use: Apply onto loofah or directly onto the body, massage to lather, and rinse off. This wash does not separate and a little goes a long way. Follow with Lavido Aromatic Body Lotion of choice. Avoid the face and eye area.
Made for all skin types / Dermatologically Tested / 250 ml, 8.45 fl.oz

This wonderful organic body wash gives an aromatic boost of energy and leaves the skin very soft. It foams nicely and just a little bit of product needed, so it definitely goes a long way. 
I've been enjoying this refreshing body wash and it's amazing citrusy aroma for a few weeks now, and I feel like my showers are much more relaxing thanks to it.
Another thing that I really love about this product is it's elegant and slim design that doesn't take too much place at the shower shelves, plus it has an extremely comfortable and smart push bottle cap that makes it fun to use.

Mandarin, Lemon Myrtle & Rosewood Oil
/ $13
Repair…Nourish…Protect your hands. Nurture your hands to softness with organic, cold-pressed Mandarin Oil, Shea Butter, and distilled Lemon Myrtle Oil. Formulated with Beeswax, Almond Oil and enriched with plant-based hyaluronic acid to protect and hydrate the skin. Absorbs quickly.
Recommended use: Massage into hands and cuticles, and allow to absorb. Use regularly for best results.
Made for all skin types / Dermatologically Tested / 70 ml, 2.36 fl.oz

Another great product from the Body & Soul Series is this great hand cream which has a lovely lemony aroma and a light non-greasy consistency that absorbs quickly into the skin and leaves the hands soft and nourished. I love using it throughout the day and especially at night, when in bed I like to apply more cream to the cuticles as well and massage them for extra hydration. 

Pomegranate Seed, Lemon Myrtle & Mandarin
Revive…Nourish…Protect your skin. Replenishing Facial Serum is highly concentrated so a little goes a long way. Steeped in vitamins, active plant-based acids and minerals. Formulated with organic Pomegranate Seed Oil, distilled Lemon Myrtle Oil and cold-pressed Mandarin Oil. Plumps the skin while aiding moisture restoration and retention. Helps minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Clinically proven to show significant improvement in the categories of skin hydration (29%) and skin firmness (14%).
Recommended use: Apply two drops to damp, clean skin in the morning or evening. May be used daily or as needed. Follow with Lavido moisturizer of choice.
Made for all skin types / Ideal for mature skin / Dermatologically Tested / 30 ml, 1.01fl.oz

I was very curious to try this facial serum, since it's the first oil serum I've ever tried. 
It's consistency is very thick and oily, well - because it's mostly made of oils (see list above). Because of it's heavy consistency I felt like it might be too heavy for my skin at these warm August days, but I think it would be more suitable for a colder weather and I'm pretty sure it will fight off the dry patches I tend to get in winter. This serum is also great for mature skin and helps to revive and restore the skin, so I'm planning on giving this promising product a go in a couple months and even share it with my mom, so we both can enjoy the great benefits of this facial serum.

Overall I was very pleased with Lavido's products and now I'm curious to try out some other products from their natural skincare range, lucky for me I got a few sample to satisfy my curiosity! 
It looks like Lavido offers a great range of natural and organic products, and I think they just might give a good fight to other well known organic brands like Neal's Yard and Lush, which might get a bit expensive. 
Although Lavido products are made in Israel and available to us local ladies for a while now, I find it pretty exciting that Lavido are now growing and launching their products global, so that you international ladies can enjoy them too!
Be sure to stop by Lavido's site and social media links to find out more about their products.

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  1. These look like some nice beauty products.

  2. The hand cream and serum both sound wonderful!

    1. Oh I love the hand cream! And the serum is very nice too, although not so much suitable for summer ;)