PUPA Luxury Nail Kit - China Blue

May 06, 2013

A few days ago I decided to spoil myself with a little makeup shopping, and I found this cute nail polish kit from PUPA. I was able to get this kit for a good price, but apparently I was able to by it only if I spent a certain amount of money on PUPA's products. I would be happy to see these kits sold without any conditions, hopefully this will change and I will be able to show you more of these kits here on the blog.
From what I know, PUPA released four of these kits as a limited edition under the name Luxury Nail Kit. There's China Blue, Exceptional Grey, Stylish Nude and Excessive Purple. I only saw the first three in store, didn't even know there was the purple version until I came home and checked this up (probably would have picked the purple set over the blue, but that's only because I'm obsessed with purples).

The kit I'm going to review in this post called Luxury Nail Kit - China Blue, it includes three polishes in regular size (5ml) which is quite small and would be considered as a mini for most nail polish brands, but this is the normal size of PUPA's polishes. They are packed in a cute glittery zipper pouch which can be used to store makeup or anything else you would like.
The colors that included in this set are: #100 Transparent (a clear coat which I assume is the base coat), #701 Blue (dark shimmery blue) and #805 Glitter Blue Top Coat (holographic glitter in blue jelly base).

PUPA #701 is a dark blue with a gorgeous shimmer. The formula was really great and super opaque, so I only used one coat for the pictures below. This is not the first nail polish by PUPA that provided an amazing coverage with just one coat, and for me that's a great quality in a nail polish. 
The color is really pretty, it reminded me of L'oreal Mystic Blue, but still quite different. I loved the pretty shimmery effect and how glossy the polish was. For the photos I only used one coat, without a top coat.

PUPA #805 is a holographic glitter in a blue jelly base. This is a new color that I didn't see before, and I think it's only available as a part of the limited edition sets. It's really pretty and sparkly in the bottle, but of course holographic polishes are a bit hard to capture on camera, so you can't really see how beautiful it is. The polish itself is quite sheer so you will probably end up layering it over other blue polishe, and won't be able to use it by itself. But still, it's really pretty and I can't say no to a holographic polish, I guess this is my weakness. 
For the photos below I used one coat of #805 over #701, no top coat applied.

Overall I'm quite pleased with this set, I'm happy I was able to get it for a good price. I wish though it was sold by itself without any conditions, and I think the clear polish is not something I will use. I would be much happier to receive another color instead.
I do love the idea of the luxurious set, it does look like a great gift that any polish lover would be happy to receive.
I hope to be able to get more of these sets in the future and share my impressions with you.
Hope you enjoyed this post, and thank you for reading.

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  1. Beautiful set! I recently came across Pupa and I like them! Your right that this would make a good gift set and I agree that another colour instead of a top coat would be awesome! Great post :)

  2. Oh wow, this is crazy awesome and glowy, I'll have to keep an eye on this set the next time I'm in a store that sells Pupa. It looks beautiful on your nails! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Your nails is SO chic! Beautiful set!

  4. I have never heard of this brand before. Love discovering new brands! And you aren't the only one that is a holoholic (tee hee)

  5. What amazing shine!!! And the combo you chose is perfect!! :D