Dance Legend Termo Color Changing Polish N. 175

May 12, 2013

Today I want to show you a swatch of a gorgeous polish I received in a swap I did with a lovely girl from Russia, and I'm very excited since it's my first time trying the Dance Legend polishes. The swap was really awesome and I got lots of goodies and pretty polishes, I will share them with you in another post, but for now check this beauty!
Dance Legend 175 is a gorgeous polish that changes it's color according to heat/cold.
When it's warm, it's color is a shimmery berry shade, and a deep purple with a red undertone when it's cold. Both versions are very pretty, it was so hard for me to decide which version I liked better, but since it's a color changing polish - I enjoyed them both!
Since it's a warm weather here and my hands are warm most of the time, the color of the polish was mainly berry shade, but when I washed my hands in cold water of reached for something in the cold fridge, the color changed to the lovely purple shade. Of course I had to play with it and dipped my nails in ice cold water and then warm water, just to see it change again and again. It was so much fun! 
As for the formula of this polish, it was fantastic! It spread really nicely and gave a pretty good coverage with one coat, but I used two coats to make it completely opaque. Drying time was pretty quick too, which was good for me and didn't affect the application (not streaky at all). The finish of the polish was somewhere between shiny and matte, and for these photos I decided to apply a top coat. It instantly made the color and the shimmer pop out, which made it even prettier.
I really enjoyed this polish, it's very pretty and unique, and the color changing effect is super fun!
I have a few more of the Dance Legend polishes I got in the swap, I'm very excited about them as well and I hope to show them to you soon.
Hope you enjoy the photos, thanks for reading! 

Index & middle finger - cold, Ring finger & pinkie - hot

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  1. Love both of the colours! The warm/cold effect is crazy amazing :'D

  2. I love this polish!! Really loving your pic with the ice cubs lol and your nail length really brings this more into life! :) Can't wait to see the other DL's you got! Kisses


  3. ahh me so jealous...this is really gorgeous :-)

  4. I would love to get some Dance Legend polishes! They have great holo's and termopolishes with three colours o.O This one looks very nice as well!!

  5. Beautiful! I almost thought it was a gradient when I saw the preview! I would be dipping my fingertips in cold water too :D

  6. Love! but for winter. xx

  7. התמונות שלך פשוט מדהימות :)

  8. OMG!!!OMGG!!! Im loving those <3 Gawjuss colors

  9. I saw your swatch on Instagram... I went on Dance Legend website right after to place an order :$
    I am waiting for this one and for some holographics and neons ! Can't wait !
    Thank you for the discovery ;)

  10. Some like it hot...
    I like it cold, but both are beautiful.
    At first, when I just glanced at the pictures, I thought it's a really good gradient... I didn't imagine a changing color polish.
    This polish is SO cool! ;-)

  11. I like it and I think I will try one of these.

  12. The color change is very subtle but I really love it! I can't wait to try them too!
    It looks so pretty on you!!!

  13. I bought this one becuse of your swatch an I love it!! it is the most fantastic thermal I have ever seen. Got 5 of them and they are all fantastic <3