Simple nail art with Etude House & Modi

May 20, 2013

For this weekend I wore this simple and gorgeous nail art, which is actually a combination of two Korean polishes I recently purchased. I won't lie, it had it's cons and pros, but the result was really pretty.
I got both of these polishes with the help of The Cutest Makeup blog (which I will explain about in another post) along with some other cool polishes.

I started this nail art with Etude House - Tint Mint (DGR701), a gorgeous mint color (I really love minty shades and I have plenty of them. I wouldn't say it's really something special that you can't find with other brands, but I still wanted to get this one). It's a creamy polish with a great formula that gave a good coverage with just one thick coat, so I was very happy about this. I also want to mention that Etude House changed their brush and made it slimmer, which is a great improvement since the previous brush was really wide. It was ok for glitter application but made it harder to get accurate strokes, so I'm very pleased with this change. 
Then I applied one coat of Modi 48 which contains black and silver shreds of matte glitter in a clear base. When I ordered this polish I actually didn't see any swatches of it, and I was just curious to try a nail polish from this brand. I was very surprised and happy to find out that this polish was exactly what I was looking for from another brand. It was great on the swatch stick, but then when I applied it to my nails, I found it a bit hard to work with. There were a lot of large shreds that stuck to the brush and to the nail, too big to put on my nails, so I had to wipe them on paper to remove them from the brush. There were also some shreds that were not straight but folded, again something I can't use. Another thing that I was a bit disappointed about is that there were lots of tiny black bits that made it look a bit dirty, and not as clear as Dance Legend Aztec No 6 which looks similar to this polish. It gave the polish a dusty look, which I didn't like at first.
I did like the combination of the silver and the black colors, I think it's a nice addition to this polish and much more interesting this way.
Then I added one coat of Poshe on top of that, I hopped it will smooth the surface but it still remained quite bumpy at some parts, even though I applied a thick coat of top coat.
I know it probably sounds like I had a really bad experience with this polish, but I guess it wasn't that bad after all because I came to love this nail art and enjoyed it for whole 3 days which is a lot for me lol. Well, I guess it was because I was really busy this weekend as well, but still - I enjoed wearing it, it's just that the application was a bit tricky.
After all I think this nail art turned out pretty nice, and it photographed very well. I think it's worth giving this Modi polish a second try, it really looks great with this color and it made me want to do another mani with this polish over a gray base and a matte top coat. I think it will look great and will create some sort of marble or stone look, which could be really nice to try.
I hope you liked this posts and my nail art. Thanks for reading (the long long post)! :)

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  1. Definitely pretty and the simplicity of it makes it even better. This look is absolutely worth the trouble of going through the glitter, selecting the best ones ;)

  2. Really nice! xx

  3. I love Top coats like Modi 48. It's makes any mani more beautiful!

  4. Love the blue with black. A cracked effect is awesome.

  5. What a great glitter! Love the way you're wearing it!