Shimmer Nail Polish Swatches and Review - Cristina, Karen & Mary

May 09, 2013

Today is another Shimmer Polish day! 
Check out the swatches I did for three fabulous polishes by Shimmer Polish.
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Cristina is a mix of tiny colorful glitter in teal, green, black and red. This very unique and beautiful combination instantly made me think of Christmas. I decided to layer it over a dark green/teal base - Barry M Watermelon. I applied one coat of Cristina over two coats of Watermelon, and added one coat of Poshe to smooth it out.

Karen is a mix of violet, purple and pink glitter. It's so gorgeous in the bottle as on the nails, the pretty holographic glitter was so sparkly and gorgeous in the sun.
I layered it over a dark purple base by Barry M - Plum, so the violet color will pop against it.
This is also one coat of Karen over two coats of Plum, with one coat of Poshe.

Mary is a mix of mostly red, black and silver glitter in red tinted base. This polish also has a hint of holo glitter to it, which makes it even prettier. The combination of the red and large black glitter made me imagine a giant sparkly strawberry. I layered it over a dark red base by Barry M - Pomegranate. It was so sparkly and juicy on the nails, gotta love it!
For the photos below I applied one coat of Mary over one coat of Pomegranate, and topped it with one coat of Poshe.

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  1. These are beautiful, I especially like Mary. What great swatches :)

  2. I Love Karen! And great pics! :)

  3. Karen is so beautiful... *-*
    The other ones are very beautiful too, but I love purple...

    Eva -

  4. Stunning swatches and pictures! Loved it! <3

  5. The most gorgeous of course is Cristina! Why? Well, because I say so! hahah! I'm happy to own it :) Mary is so pretty too :) Lovely swatches! Kisses,